Maybe a breakfast burrito, monkey bread & dirty chai is slight overkill but let me lay out the facts:

1. I started my day with a big bowl of steel cut oatmeal. It’s one of the few healthy breakfasts my toddler loves so whenever I think of it, I toss ingredients into the rice cooker at night and set the timer for breakfast. My point being, at least I began my day in a healthy fashion.

2. I biked to the farmers market then, laden with my fresh treasures, climbed into the Presidio. I had a triumphant moment as I pedaled up the steep block and saw the four guys who’d just zipped by me walking their bikes up the sidewalk. I may have smirked. Just a little.

3. I made it to the pool in record time and swam my half mile in the fast lane. To be fair, our fast lane was more of a medium-slow lane today but that suited me fine because I still needed to bike up and out of the Presidio to Hayes Valley.

4. In an hour we have our third La Boheme performance of the weekend. It’s short but takes focus and energy.

5. Technically I’m now eating for two. I actually looked it up before writing this and according to Fit Pregnancy I need 340 extra calories. They suggest some high protein, healthy snacks but I prefer my monkey bread.

the workout:
10 mile bike (by the time I get home this evening)
1/2 mile swim – 6 X 150 yd, 100 free /25 back/ 25 breaststroke



quick fix

My plan was to swear off running for a couple of weeks while I’m in San Luis Obispo performing with Festival Mozaic. I didn’t have space in the car for our running stroller and thought a couple weeks off would provide a good opportunity for my foot to rest. However, without biking and swimming at my disposal I only lasted four days.
Today while my son was napping and I should have been practicing I finally gave in to my craving and changed into running shoes. My reasoning was simple; my hand was aching too much to play more and my internet cut out as I was trying to listen & study my orchestra parts. I figured getting some blood pumping would help my hand and hoped I’d have enough cell service to stream my music. Plus I was curious where the bike path behind my house led.


The results? My hand actually feels somewhat better, I rocked out to two movements of a Schumann symphony on repeat (I know, I’m totally cool) and the bike path turns into a street which winds its way around Moro Bay. Overall, I feel 110% better than when I began so I’d call this one a success!

the workout: easy 2.5 mile jog with a sprint up final hill, forward & backward lunges, planks, stretching



Last week I was in the kitchen with my sister, making cinnamon rolls that were actually rising (a rare occurrence), and she told me that I’m one of those people who’s just good at life.  After initially laughing at this comment, I thought quite a bit about what being good at life means and decided that if I look competent most of the time it’s because I’m putting time and energy into things I want to be doing.  It’s easy to look good when you’re happy!  I have Mom to thank for my cheerful attitude toward life.  And the confidence I bring to most activities.  And a whole slew of other skills that allow me to ease instead of bumble my way through most days.  Thanks, Mom.  I love you!


In honor of mother’s day, I wanted to share a few things that make me smile…


my new find- the GCN 35 minute spin workout

stopping the clock- refraining from counting laps or miles & exercising just for the fun of it

fresh mint from the farmers market in a glass on the counter- it’s pretty, smells great and IMG_4087tastes delicious in salad or tea

chop salad- chop a couple of celery stalks, a couple of carrots, a handful of greens, a few cherry tomatoes and plenty of fresh herbs- for dressing mix together lemon juice, olive oil, fresh ground cumin, salt and pepper

two easy (but time consuming) show-stopper desserts:  Pavlova – I recommend topping it with lemon curd, fresh cream and fruit  &  Chocolate Coffee Whiskey Spice Cake – skip the frosting and use a layer of brandied cherries plus jam as icing, also works great with gluten free flower in cupcake form

spinning away jet-lag

Maybe a really difficult spin class wasn’t the smartest way to deal with jet-lag (and a 3am wake-up) but I’m none the worse for it and my son loved being back at the Y childcare.  I realized a few days ago that I’ve strayed far from my initial purpose of sharing specific workouts so here’s a good one, thanks to the Monday morning Presidio YMCA spin instructor:

The class was taught based on aerobic (60% HR), anaerobic threshold (75% HR) and anaerobic can’t sustain effort (90% HR).  I didn’t have a HR monitor but our instructor used RPMs to help us gage effort and told us that if we were able to spin with our mouths closed in the top two effort levels, we weren’t working hard enough.

the workout:  1 hr spin class, 20.8 miles, 847 calories

5 min warm up then drop wheel back to 0 resistance and add 3 turns to begin workout

3 x 1:00 intervals-  :30 @ 75 RPM, resistance up half turn :30 @ 85 RPM

1 min recovery

large pyramid: resistance at 3 1/2 turns

6 min aerobic, alternating seated & standing, 70-75 RPM

3 min anaerobic threshold, seated, 85-90 RPM

1 min anaerobic all out, as hard as you can go

1 min recovery

1 min anaerobic all out, as hard as you can go

3 min anaerobic threshold, seated, 85-90 RPM

6 min aerobic, alternating seated & standing, 70-75 RPM

2 min recovery

small pyramid: repeat above with 2min, 2 min, 1 min etc

flat road w/ headwind: no idea what we did- guess I’m tired

short effort uphill intervals:  3 X :15 aerobic (75 RPM), 1/2 -1 turn higher resistance :15 all out, :30 RI

last push uphill: resistance to 4-5 turns, 1 min anaerobic (85 RPM)

5 min cool down then stretching 



The “rule” here in hummus restaurants is that you’re supposed to eat your entire bowl of hummus using just one pita. My problem is that when the basket in front of me is full of delicious warm pitas I can’t possibly eat just one. I can feel my waistband expanding and I’ve only been here for 10 days. What’s a girl to do? Run, run, and run some more. And throw in a swim. And bike to class. Sounds like tons of exercise when I write it but I’m not going long distances or moving particularly fast so I am still out-eating my exercise. Good thing I’m only here a couple more weeks!

This morning I actually ran with my husband for the first time in forever. He was busy hacking portals (if you use a Nexus phone you might know what I’m talking about) and I was busy yelling at him for constantly taking his phone out. Despite that, we thoroughly enjoyed the time together and our run was the perfect start to the day!

On Friday (my birthday!) I treated myself to a swim at Gordon pool. I’m somewhat obsessed by this gorgeous unheated 50 meter salt water pool with deck views of the Mediterranean. I swam next to a team of speedo-clad men. The ones you actually want to see in speedos. I managed to survive a kilometer then exited the pool freezing (I forgot it’s bring-your-own-towel) and joined my husband at the marina cafe for a hot chocolate.

the workouts: 1 km swim, 3.7 mile run


new routine


Jet-lag is subsiding and we all slept until 6am when the garbage trucks woke us this morning. My philosophy is, if I have to be up at that hour I might as well start the day with a little exercise followed by a tasty breakfast. When renting a crib I’d inquired about a running stroller and the guy actually said, “you mean for sport? We don’t have those here.” So my husband and I traded off running and chasing Baby A around the playground.

The dust cloud that has been sitting over Tel Aviv the past couple of days is finally clearing. Blue sky was beginning to peek through during my run and the temperature was perfect. My legs felt heavy even though I’ve biked short distances each day and also ran two days ago. My focus for the past five weeks has been solely on violin and audition prep, so although I’ve been mentally and physically exhausted each night, the feeling was different from my usual training regime. I’m excited to get into a routine of regular runs along the namal and through Ha Yarkon Park, biking to hebrew lessons and swimming at Gordon pool!

For breakfast we tried a cafe which had attracted me with tempting aromas during my run. It was the most delicious meal I’ve eaten since our arrival last Thursday- and I love the food here! In the middle of breakfast I got a call that my placement exam at the Ulpan had been moved up an hour so I finished quickly and raced to the nearest Green Bike station. I can pick up a bike wherever I am and drop it off wherever I’m going. It’s a brilliant system and beside the severe lack of bike lanes & abundance of scary drivers, it’s the easiest way to get around here.

The picture below is from my ride to the audition. I quite enjoyed looking stylish and commuting by bike like at home ;)


the workout: 2.86 miles, 9:38 min/mi, 267 calories

I love this first resolution from unofficial Goldman Sachs guide to New Years Resolutions but I’m not about to follow it.

1. Take a vow of silence. Join CrossFit. Do P90X. Detox in January. Become a vegan. Sell your TV.  Train for a marathon. Start the Paleo diet. Go for any or all of these, but please shut the f–k up about it.

“No one would run a marathon if they had to sign a confidentiality agreement first.”


It may be true that if I were sworn to silence before running a marathon I might not bother running it at all.  At the same time, I actually do do these things for myself.  I like to get faster and stronger and fitter and healthier and all those other cliches.  These are
very real results.  I’m mostly pleased when I look in the mirror and I’ve got another race time from this morning to prove that I’m getting faster.  I was only a few seconds away from a new 5K PR, and would have nailed it if I hadn’t arrived at the last minute and started at the back of the pack.  The only real goal of the morning was to be finished in time to do a baby pass-off before my husband began his 15K.  Go Honey!  The other goal of the morning was to come home and eat fresh, warm cinnamon rolls…  I indulged in two since I gave my chocolate to the kid.


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