I awoke in Santa Fe very early this morning after a restless night.  The dryness made breathing difficult and the several pillows surrounding me in bed had uncomfortably upped the temperature.  By the time the sun rose I had brewed myself a cup of tea using the in-room coffee maker and was debating what else I felt like doing before our 1pm rehearsal.  My first choice was a morning soak at ten thousand waves, the luxurious Japanese bath house on the mountain, but alas, they are closed until noon on Tuesdays.  Luckily Julie sent me a text about exercise and we made our way down to the La Fonda’s fitness center.  We were dragging and feeling winded from altitude so the purpose of today’s workout was simply to get the blood pumping.

The workout:

15 minutes easy bike set to “random”

15 minutes brisk walk on treadmill, steadily increasing the incline

I enjoyed a few minutes in the hot tub after a late afternoon nap and took advantage of the heat to do some stretching.

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