classical inspiration

I finally slept well last night!  January Trio season is over and I had a night all to myself in a wonderful B & B.  I approached my workout at the Mapleton YMCA this morning feeling fresh and strong, and decided it would be a good day for a bike-swim brick.

I made use of my time on the exercise bike to do a little musical studying via YouTube on my iPhone. (don’t I sound like an advertisement!?)  Francescatti’s 2nd mvt of Mozart violin concert No. 4 is gorgeous!   My legs felt the work but not my lungs- a good sign that I’m used to being above sea level (and also, perhaps, that I’m not really working hard enough!).  I went directly into the pool and did my usual half mile, thinking about form and upper body strength.

The workout:

20 minute bike, level 2 “random hills”, 90-95 rpm, 6.6 miles

900 yd swim

-200 yd warm up, mixed strokes

-100 yd kicking drills

-300 yd swim

-4 x 25 yds sprints on 00:30

-200 yd cool down

16 minutes

core exercises

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