I woke up early this morning to fit in my run before heading down South. The original plan was to swim today but since I have a concerto to perform later, I decided it would be best to save my arms. I was way overdressed- but I always prefer taking off layers to being cold. The morning was crisp and beautiful. I love seeing which new trees are in bloom every time I run. This is the first time in over a week that my back didn’t ache at all when first starting. I assumed all week that it was hurting from such heavy coughing… aches and pains always tend to go immediately into the weakest part of my body and that has been my back for the past several months. Anyway, no aches and pains at all this morning and I kept a good, constant pace the whole time. I’ve got oatmeal on the stove as I type and have half an hour to shower, eat and get out of the house. I’m hoping to have a bit of time between rehearsal and my performance with the San Francisco Sinfonietta this afternoon to do my yoga.

The workout:

1/4 mile easy paced warm-up

2 miles gradual downhill

2 miles gradual uphill

1/4 mile easy paced warm-down, toe & heal walking exercises
Average heart rate 154bmp

Nikken wellness:

jade greenzymes with pimag water before my run

kenkotherm knee and wrist wraps post run/ pre concerto

lazy Saturday

I love lazy Saturdays.   As a musician they happen pretty infrequently so when they do, I really appreciate them! Best of all, by the time we finally got on our bikes today, it was sunny and beautiful.  I pushed myself a little and still didn’t come close to keeping up with my fiance, but my speed is gradually increasing again and I’m getting more comfortable riding.

The workout:


50 minutes constant medium pace, average speed 11.6 mph, 9.6 miles

core exercises

For the purpose of back comfort, I concentrated on keeping my butt out of the saddle whenever the road was bumpy.  This was a challenge because it hurt my knee some of the time.   I’m still working with new positioning on my bike to see what will keep me riding with the most comfort and ease.

Nikken Wellness:

greens and PiMag water

kenkotherm knee and elbow wraps– knee is sore after trying to ride out the saddle and elbow has had enough, between biking and practicing!

back flex– something about my posture must be funny when I practice, but the heat helps


Today it poured through exactly the time I went grocery shopping, swimming and did laundry (at the laundromat).  I got to wear my brand new paisley/flowered galoshes and was delighted.  My back is getting stronger and I was able to move groceries and laundry around comfortably, without soreness.
I woke up and planned my day around practicing instead of working out.   Laundry was last priority and my swim was cut short due to time running out.  I’m a little amazed at what I was able to fit into my 6 free hours of the day.  Moral of the story is, when I actually plan and organized my day, I fit everything in… yoga,  computer time, practice time, grocery shopping, swimming, laundry… of course time for eating and a gig last night.

The workout:

morning yoga

1400 yd swim

6 X 25 yd swim, RI :05

6 X 25 yd kicking drills, RI:05

2 X 200 swim, level 7, RI:30

1 X 200 kick, level 5, RI:30 (I do all kicking these days sans kickboard to keep my body in better alignment)

300 yd swim, level 5

100 yd cool down, mixed strokes

Nikken wellness:

greenzymes and PiMag water

knee wrap– during yoga and all day until my swim

catching up

Today was a very productive day, as it needed to be since it is one of my few days at home on my own before the next month away.  By the time I finally made it out for my run, it was getting cold but luckily there was no wind.  Today’s schedule says track workout and it didn’t occur to me until I was at the track that two speed workouts in a row is generally not a good idea.  I decided that my few sprints on the bike yesterday can hardly be considered a speed workout and I didn’t really push myself that hard, so I continued as planned.

The workout:

10 min walking warm up

5 min easy jog

500 meter “sprint” at about 8 min mile pace / 700 meter easy job at about 11 min mile pace  (5X)

10 min walk home, include shin splint prevention walking exercises (walk on toes and heals with feet forward, turned in and out, at least 20 steps each way)

I’m still not quite healthy, as my heart rate was pretty high the entire time, averaging 82% max


magsteps– in my fuzzy house crocs at all times!

greenzymes and PiMag water to start every day

body balance– post workout I add banana, green powder, soy milk, peanut butter and

whatever else strikes my fancy

create your own

I took a red-eye home last night and ended up sitting next to a really nice, interesting man- who kept his personal DVD player running most of the night.  I’d left my trusty sleep mask in my suitcase in the overhead and I was sitting by the window so luckily I had a hoodie to drape over my head and block the flashes of light. My back pillow kept me comfortable but my earphones ran out of batteries and I had too much pressure built up in my head to wear earplugs for any period of time.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep!  When I landed in L.A. I picked out an Odwalla Superfood, one of the few great offerings of most airports.  I was really craving a bacon and egg croissant but I wasn’t about to pay $10 for it and I didn’t want to do that to my stomach after my healthy days on the island.   I just looked up nutritional value of a croissant and it’s pretty horrifying!

I was lucky to have nap time today and passed out for three hours.  When I awoke, the sun was actually shining and I decided to get on my bike.   Yesterday’s Wildflower schedule was supposed to be a bike so I did it today instead.  I followed my ride with a snack, shower then yoga.  That’s three days in a row now and my flexibility coming back amazingly fast!  You can check out my sequence or create your own here.

The workout:

my new snazzy matching yellows
snazzy matching yellows

48 minutes- to the beach, back up to the top of the park, to the market, home with roasted chicken and big bottle of cranberry juice (not a brilliant idea!)

8.8 miles, average speed 10.9 mph

6 x 30 sprints, in and out of the seat

Nikken wellness:

wrist bands with magnets– my hands didn’t swell during the flight

magsteps– my feet were happy to slip into my crocs lined with magsteps once home

greenzymes– immediately after I walked in the door, my green powder came out

PiMag water

I am happiest when…

I realized today that I can’t really fill in the blank because there are so many possible answers. I was absolutely thrilled to be laying on the beach (who wouldn’t be) but I was just as excited to be home in San Francisco with my fiancé again. It is quite easy to feel blissful when on vacation and truely believe that everything that can happen will be good. Less easy is it to keep this feeling when back in daily life… unless daily life is my bliss- even those things, which when thought of in logical terms, seem slightly less blissful. For example, open water swimming in Hawaii means heading over in flip flops and diving into very comfortable water. Open water swimming in San Francisco involves possible fog, possible drizzle and water in the mid 50s. And let’s not forget the wetsuit that us difficult to get in and nearly impossible to wrestle off with frozen hands, numb feet for the next hour and gunky black stuff which I may find caked to my face or blown out of my nose. So really, doesn’t that sound like a blast? Actually, it sort of is. Next time I head to aquatic park I’m going to remember that I like swimming in the bay before I go through all that trouble of dreading it. Wouldn’t that be an easier way to go through life?

The workout:
AM yoga
One last warm open water swim, about 1/2 mile

The yoga practice was short, as we were heading out on a Lost tour (!) but I already noticed my flexibility coming back. Maybe I was allowing more release after I saw that yesterday’s practice didn’t hurt me.
Still congested and coughing by the end of my swim but My lungs are definitely clearing up.
I’m flying home tonight. I plan on hydrating before and during the flight, and trying to get some sleep.


Today was the most centered day I’ve had in a long time. I began my morning with hibiscus orange tea on the lanai and opened up The Woman’s Book of Yoga and Health.  I read all of the forwards and decided that it was high time I do something to calm my scattered energies and start restoring lost flexibility. Since all of my back stuff started last September I had given all yoga with the excuse that I didn’t want to hurt myself more. I am much stronger now and have a pretty good grip on what feels good versus what might hurt. In April when I’m home again, I plan to attend the Iyengar Institute’s back classes. Although I’ve practiced yoga on and off for years, it will be best for me to have a master teacher helping me with form and modifications.
Anyway, my short yoga practice left me ready to tackle a delicious breakfast and Mozart performances for Mom’s students at Iolani. I felt full of life and vibrant. My performances were interesting and centered!
I relaxed away the afternoon at the beach and was inspired to do a sunset run.
The workout:
40 minutes, brisk & steady pace
Full body roll-out
Core exercises
I finally feel mostly normal again. My head is still somewhat congested but there is no semblance of a fever and I didn’t hack through my run!

Nikken wellness:

knee wrap– my left knee was aching a bit after my run