cared for


There’s no better place to be under the weather than Mom’s house. Even better if she lives in Hawaii near the beach!
I managed to sleep until 7:30 this morning then was fed a delicious bowl if homemade müsli. We followed the feeding with more food at the Honolulu Kapiolani farmers market. I scored a fresh orange juice with honey and tumeric. We picked up cherimoyas, papayas and much more.
Next came a Mozart practice session/ coaching (the “reason” I’m here… as if I need a reason!). More food- a huge farmers market salad and homemade lentil soup. The only problem with the food around here is, if I ask for a recipe, there usually isn’t one!
After digesting a bit, we headed to the beach for a swim.

The workout:
Open water swim. Yes, I can even use a technical term for swimming at the beach!
Half mile, about, coughing quite a bit
Practiced my breathing patterns and incorporated sighting to swim in a straight line.

Nikken wellness:

socks– mom had them so I wore them around the house

PiMag water


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