I am happiest when…

I realized today that I can’t really fill in the blank because there are so many possible answers. I was absolutely thrilled to be laying on the beach (who wouldn’t be) but I was just as excited to be home in San Francisco with my fiancé again. It is quite easy to feel blissful when on vacation and truely believe that everything that can happen will be good. Less easy is it to keep this feeling when back in daily life… unless daily life is my bliss- even those things, which when thought of in logical terms, seem slightly less blissful. For example, open water swimming in Hawaii means heading over in flip flops and diving into very comfortable water. Open water swimming in San Francisco involves possible fog, possible drizzle and water in the mid 50s. And let’s not forget the wetsuit that us difficult to get in and nearly impossible to wrestle off with frozen hands, numb feet for the next hour and gunky black stuff which I may find caked to my face or blown out of my nose. So really, doesn’t that sound like a blast? Actually, it sort of is. Next time I head to aquatic park I’m going to remember that I like swimming in the bay before I go through all that trouble of dreading it. Wouldn’t that be an easier way to go through life?

The workout:
AM yoga
One last warm open water swim, about 1/2 mile

The yoga practice was short, as we were heading out on a Lost tour (!) but I already noticed my flexibility coming back. Maybe I was allowing more release after I saw that yesterday’s practice didn’t hurt me.
Still congested and coughing by the end of my swim but My lungs are definitely clearing up.
I’m flying home tonight. I plan on hydrating before and during the flight, and trying to get some sleep.

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