catching up

Today was a very productive day, as it needed to be since it is one of my few days at home on my own before the next month away.  By the time I finally made it out for my run, it was getting cold but luckily there was no wind.  Today’s schedule says track workout and it didn’t occur to me until I was at the track that two speed workouts in a row is generally not a good idea.  I decided that my few sprints on the bike yesterday can hardly be considered a speed workout and I didn’t really push myself that hard, so I continued as planned.

The workout:

10 min walking warm up

5 min easy jog

500 meter “sprint” at about 8 min mile pace / 700 meter easy job at about 11 min mile pace  (5X)

10 min walk home, include shin splint prevention walking exercises (walk on toes and heals with feet forward, turned in and out, at least 20 steps each way)

I’m still not quite healthy, as my heart rate was pretty high the entire time, averaging 82% max


magsteps– in my fuzzy house crocs at all times!

greenzymes and PiMag water to start every day

body balance– post workout I add banana, green powder, soy milk, peanut butter and

whatever else strikes my fancy

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