lazy Saturday

I love lazy Saturdays.   As a musician they happen pretty infrequently so when they do, I really appreciate them! Best of all, by the time we finally got on our bikes today, it was sunny and beautiful.  I pushed myself a little and still didn’t come close to keeping up with my fiance, but my speed is gradually increasing again and I’m getting more comfortable riding.

The workout:


50 minutes constant medium pace, average speed 11.6 mph, 9.6 miles

core exercises

For the purpose of back comfort, I concentrated on keeping my butt out of the saddle whenever the road was bumpy.  This was a challenge because it hurt my knee some of the time.   I’m still working with new positioning on my bike to see what will keep me riding with the most comfort and ease.

Nikken Wellness:

greens and PiMag water

kenkotherm knee and elbow wraps– knee is sore after trying to ride out the saddle and elbow has had enough, between biking and practicing!

back flex– something about my posture must be funny when I practice, but the heat helps

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