backwards brick

Mom and I did a run-swim brick together today. My body was achey from lack of exercise but I felt feverish so I actually took my temperature. The thermometer told me it was okay, so we headed out in bathing suits with running shorts. We pounded the pavement through downtown Waikiki and back while Mom talked. I was still having coughing fits when I tried to run and talk. The swim at the end felt good for a few minutes then I had to stop due to coughing.
The workout:
30 minute steady pace run
12 min open water swim

The purpose of today’s workout was really just to get my blood pumping and free up some achey muscles. It did the trick but later on I was feeling extra fatigued and my entire lower back/upper hamstring region felt uncomfortable. I did a few gentle stretches and focused on staying well hydrated.

Nikken wellness:

wrist band and magnet– kept my left hand in playing order

back flex– my back was aching from so much deep coughing

cared for


There’s no better place to be under the weather than Mom’s house. Even better if she lives in Hawaii near the beach!
I managed to sleep until 7:30 this morning then was fed a delicious bowl if homemade müsli. We followed the feeding with more food at the Honolulu Kapiolani farmers market. I scored a fresh orange juice with honey and tumeric. We picked up cherimoyas, papayas and much more.
Next came a Mozart practice session/ coaching (the “reason” I’m here… as if I need a reason!). More food- a huge farmers market salad and homemade lentil soup. The only problem with the food around here is, if I ask for a recipe, there usually isn’t one!
After digesting a bit, we headed to the beach for a swim.

The workout:
Open water swim. Yes, I can even use a technical term for swimming at the beach!
Half mile, about, coughing quite a bit
Practiced my breathing patterns and incorporated sighting to swim in a straight line.

Nikken wellness:

socks– mom had them so I wore them around the house

PiMag water


Today was another half day of recording, followed by a 5 hour flight. At the end if it all, I found myself luxuriating in the Hawaiian warmth Mom referred to as “a little cold”. Her idea of cold has drastically changed since she left Colorado!
I had an isle seat on the flight and I was up frequently stretching my legs and staying hydrated. Between the recording sessions and being sick, my body was feeling pretty stiff! I knew better than to get up early and attempt a workout at the start of the day. I’m sure that extra sleep did me way more good!


I spent a long day up at Skywalker Ranch recording a soon to be released, top secret video game. Between the already early morning and arriving home at dinner time, I knew my best chance was fitting in a run during lunch break.
The scenery up there is gorgeous and the temperature was a little on the chilly side but perfect for running.
I was still low energy and it took me about half my run to find a steady breathing pattern and quit coughing.

The workout:
30 min run, easy pace, stretching after

The run energized me for the afternoon session and I did finish feeling better than when I began.

under the weather

In my attempt to keep up my newly founded race training schedule, I headed to the pool today.  Upon beginning my swim, I was wheezing and couldn’t figure out my breathing.   I felt generally under the weather and weak.  I decided to keep the swim short and use it to stretch out my body rather than train hard.

The workout:

700 yards, 15 minutes

200 warm-up

100 drills

300 easy swim

100 cool down


last year's WF crew

I have final figured out my training schedule and officially begun race preparation.   I am so far behind already that I’m going to have to be careful as I increase distances and times each day so I don’t overdo it.  February 1 came and went and I kept running out of time.  Last year when others were depending on me for this schedule I had it up and running with time to spare.  Oh well… I know how this race goes- and that I need to be serious from here on out if I’m going to complete it.

My big triumph of the day was doing my bike workout outdoors on my bike instead of on a gym bike.  With a small adjustment of the handlebars (and the steady healing of my back) I was able to comfortably ride for almost an hour!

The workout:

40 minute easy spin with hills, including 4 intervals of faster cadence (I did it by standing up and spinning faster up hills with low resistance)

I was slow, riding just over 7 miles, averaging 9.5 minute miles

My route was around the Presidio, with a stop at Sportsbasement.   The flowers were blooming and spring smelled amazing!


Today was a rest day, not much needed, but taken because of lack of time.  Today was also the start of eliminating refined sugars from my diet.  They are everywhere!  A friend and I have taken on the challenge and decided now would be a good time as we can call it “giving up sugar for lent”.  The problem is, it’s hard to go cold turkey when sugar is hidden all over the house.  My friend put all of her favorite cereals away for another time but I’m not about to give up the rest of the homemade bread I made just because it has molasses.  My boundaries will be a little less stringent than last time I did this because I realized that time around that I was trying to fill myself up with extra non-sugary food and ultimately eating more than if I would have just eaten that dessert.  I’m going to really try and listen to my body for cravings and whenever possible, choose dates or an orange or concoct a new cookie, sweetened with fruit juice to substitute plain old sugar!