triple brick

According to my Wildflower schedule, Mondays are supposed to be recovery days. Today I felt good and I knew that later in the week there would be less time for training, so I decided to go ahead and do something.  I left the house on my bike with clouds promising rain and returned from the pool, still on my bike, which shopping attached to the back, with clouds producing.  Now that I’m back home, the sun is trying to come out.  My triple brick was bike/shop (at Sportsbasement, of course)/swim.  I managed to get the speed limit sign flashing on my descent into the Presidio and push my bike through the mud on my way home, due to construction and lack of signs.  The swim in the middle was good, but the pool crowded because I was there during Masters.

The workout:

morning yoga

bike to and from pool and sportsbasement, average speed 9.5 mph, (max 34 mph), 8 miles

swim 1600 yds

100  warm up

6 x 25 swim, level 7

6 x 25 kick

600 swim, level 5

100 drills

300 swim, level 7

100 drills

100 warm down, mixed strokes

Nikken wellness:

greenzymes and pimag water to start the day

magsteps in my slippers for quicker recovery and warmer feet

kenkotherm knee and elbow wraps post workout

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