I love spending time in New York City, even when every waking hour seems to be consumed with rehearsing and practicing.  I had a two hour lunch break today so I went for a short run.  The temperature was perfect and the sun out part of the time.  My track, the reservoir path near the top of the park.  My music, an odd mix of Zac Brown and Hadag Nahash.

I didn’t eat enough for breakfast and I think a good lunch might have been smarter than running and cramming down food on my way uptown because I was exhausted and tired all afternoon.   My heart rate was high from the start, most likely from hunger and not enough sleep last night.  I am feeling pretty run down but also like my exercise is what will get me through the next week in a fairly sane fashion.

The workout:

track or treadmilll

5 min easy job warmup

3 min quick pace/ 2 min easy jog  x 5

5 min cool down, walking lunges (forward and backward), toe/heel walking to prevent shin splints

HR in zone 4 & 5 the entire time

Nikken wellness:

greenzymes to start my day

kenko therm knee and wrist wraps after standing and playing all day

magsteps to soothe my feet at the end of the day

magnetic sport bracelet very lightweight while I practice, easy to wash after a workout


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