charles river

We did an early run along the Charles River this morning.  I woke up feeling refreshed and had surprisingly enough slept quite well on the sloping hide-a-bed couch.  Guess that’s what exhaustion does!  The idea was tempo run so we picked up the pace in the second third of the run and pushed it to the top of one bridge, only to realize upon turning around, that we

had a strong head wind to deal with all the way back to the hotel.  I found this handy map with distances after our run but I’ll use it to plan my route next time I’m in Boston!

Breakfast at The Paramount was a tasty way to refuel before beginning another travel day.  I totally forgot about eating a vegan meal yesterday (this week’s wellness challenge) and breakfast would have been the realistic meal for eliminating animal products today  but I just couldn’t see eating oatmeal again when there were so many other good options!

$ travel trip: I am now on the train back to NYC and found out too late how to save money on Amtrak:   The AAA discount only applies three or more days in advance and ticket prices go up progressively as more people purchase tickets.  Better luck next time.

The workout:

4.1 miles out and back,  strong headwind on the way back, turn it into a longer tempo run if you don’t have a headwind!


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