coffee with a view and numb feet

I rode to Aquatic Park this morning to meet a friend for a swim.   My motto with swimming in the bay:  misery loves company.   Fortunately, today the water didn’t seem as cold as usual (maybe it was in the upper 50s!) and the sun was warm.  However, halfway through my second loop, the tide got weird and I started swallowing too much water.   I had no qualms about cutting the swim short and moving on with my day.  The problem for me is always getting my wetsuit off using numb hands and feet.  I did my usual beach dance, pulling and tugging and nearly falling over a few times but I eventually got the thing off.  Then I decided to head behind a construction truck to change back into my biking gear.  I wrapped myself carefully in my towel and started maneuvering, then looked up and saw a row of construction workers on their lunch break.  And I thought I was being modest, moving away from the main crowd of families!  My bike home included a stop for coffee at the Warming Hut, which was swarming with moms and baby stroller.  I eventually enjoyed a coffee with a view then made my way home.

The workout:

10 miles easy spin to and from AP

1/2 open water swim

tips for the bike:  always approach railroad/cable car tracks at as much of  a 90 degree angle as possible &when necessary to ride through standing water or a big patch of sand/gravel, approach at a speed easily to maintain through obstacle without needing to brake or pedal

tips for the open water:  wear a squid lid covered by a bright swim cap for both insulation and visibility, practice sighting first in a swimming pool, learn to breath on both sides in order to avoid taking in water from waves or staring at the sun

Nikken wellness: (see the weekly wellness challenge page!)


mushroom immunity

body energizer this thing is great for my feet when sitting at my desk after a long workout

CM cream to rub on those sore muscles

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