windblown divas

As of today, we’ve appointed RC as our weather woman.  She informed us, mid- ride as the wind was beginning to pick up, that winds were supposed to be up to 40 mph by noon.  We asked her to let us know ahead of time from now on 🙂 As we rode back along the beach, it sure felt like the wind was already that strong!

Four of us went out to do an “easy” 15 mile loop this morning, wondering if we would get a good enough workout.  We flew on the way out, did our lake loop then hit one of the strongest headwinds I’ve ever encountered on our way back. AC and I took turns drafting off one another (mostly she pulled me all the way back) and RJ got a flat pretty close to home.  Successful ride in that it’s really fun to ride with a pack of Divas.   However, I can’t honestly say the ride itself was much fun!   I’m heading to the sunroom to check out the stress relief yoga sequence I just read about.   It’s posted on my yoga page.

The workout:

15 mile flat and windy or hills (could have been either, based on the low gear I was using!), try to keep upper body relaxed and shoulders away from ears, be aware of body posture to remain as aerodynamic as possible.

Check out my Team Diva page for information about our next ride!  Also, we will be putting in an order (and hopefully saving a little money) for Nuu-Muu exercise dresses soon.  Let me know size and pattern if you’d like to get in on it!

Nikken wellness:

greens for recovery

magstrides in my house crocs to warm up after the ride

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