I took the weekend off and made the unfortunate decision to cancel out of Wildflower Triathlon next weekend.  I sign up for this race almost every year and have either raced or cheered friends on for 8 years now.  I am sad to be missing it but at the same time am so content to be home over weekends that I can’t say I’m too upset.  It’s really a matter of me having too many things on my plate right now and also needing to prioritize rest over all else- for my back and for me to keep up with my life.

I saw a new physical therapist Monday and am on a new plan.  I miss my old guy but because of insurance and not wanting to see the chiropractor, I had to switch.  Either way, I’m in good hands and if I actually follow my plan, my back and core will continue to get stronger!

I ventured back to the pool today and my swim felt wonderful.  There’s nothing better for lengthening and relaxing than being in water.  I swam an easy half mile and I feel terrific!

The workout:

900 yds

400 yds alternate free, back, breast stroke- thinking of neutral spine in freestyle and opening chest in backstroke

100 yds kicking drills- getting the blood pumping in my legs

400 yds  same as above

Nikken wellness:

sleep system (I’ve got a mattress pad, shaped pillow and light comforter)- for continued healing, better rest and quicker recovery

pimag water

magstride insoles

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