weekend festivities

We’ve been busy preparing for my bachelorette party but the great thing is my sister JA and several of my friends here are also fitness oriented, so the workouts continue.  Thursday evening AC led the Divas in a boot camp training session.  We ran through the park and did all sorts of fun exercises, like jumping the patterns of various alphabet letters.  We looked absurd, laughed plenty and, collectively, had sore hips, butts, shoulders and arms the next day.  Yesterday JA and I met KM for a gorgeous but foggy run above the beach.  We walked the steps and uphills but still ended up tired and feeling as though we’d had a good workout.  Like any good workout requires, we went for coffee after.  KM knows everyone in Simple Pleasures and the place has a funky, relaxed atmosphere.

This morning the Divas rode 20 miles, which felt exhausting because of wind and hills.  I rode in my Nuu-Muu exercise dress and actually had a non-gay guy pass me and yell “Hey, nice skort.  I like it!”.  Cibo was our coffee stop today before heading back up the Sausalito hill.  Love the vibe and the coffee at this place, and on sunny days the front patio is a great place to lounge!

Tomorrow morning, Bay to Breakers with all of my party girls!!  More after the weekend…

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