running in the clouds

I had a PT appointment this morning and he worked me over so I’m a bit sore.   I decided to go to the gym anyway to put in time on the elliptical trainer (aka running in the clouds from my college days) then do more core stuff.

I stepped on the machine and programmed in random (brainless) workout for 30 minutes.  I turned on a little Zac Brown and I was off and, ummm, running??  I ran 3 miles with no impact, legs moving forward and backward.  It felt good and I wonder if the 280 calories I burned cancelled out all the cookie dough I ate pre-gym.  I did my stretching and core exercises on the rooftop sun deck.  Ahhh…

The workout:

get thee to the gym and program a machine for 30 minutes… but don’t let it be completely mindless, as poor form or distraction when using the machines can result in injury (you’ve seen somebody fall off a treadmill before, right?) and pointless workout (you know the people hanging on the bars, reading a book?  why bother??)

nikken wellness:

pimag water– trying to drink more water again, as I’ve been so caught up in tea and coffee lately I’m feeling dehydrated and having problems with muscles cramping

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