rain or sun?

I skipped the Team Diva ride this morning because of threatening rain (which turned into sunshine) and Obama’s entourage (which did block off the Marina/Crissy field area) and went to the gym instead.  I swam yesterday so I thought a run would agree with me today.  I began with a rather pointless pilates class.  Most of the exercises that I could do, I’m already doing as part of my physical therapy program.  When I was trying to modify other exercises, the instructor didn’t offer any suggestions and I ended up sticking around after the class to do my usual regime on my own.   I did an easy speed workout on the treadmill and witnessed an amazing parking job during my run.  A camry attempted to park in a spot big enough for a tank and still managed to slam the cars on either sides three times.  Gotta love street parking.

The workout:

(from yesterday)

900 yd swim, mixed strokes but keeping a quick pace- had to get to work!

(from today)

pilates class or core floor exercises

5 min warm up

30 min run, middle 15 minutes sprint 30 seconds/easy 30 seconds

5 min warm down

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