Runners are friendly folk. Twice this week I’ve been stopped by out of town runners to inquire about routes. The one today actually caught me again at the same street corner on the way home. He found the GG bridge via the route I suggested and loved his run. That’s what I like to hear!

I was going to bike to work and call that my exercise for the day but decided an early run to the beach would suit my mood better. I was finding myself increasingly agitated about nothing in particular so I got into the park and ran hard. I stretched and enjoyed the ocean for a bit then ran home. Ahhhh…

The Workout:

4 mile run, constant pace with stretch midway through

core work

Nikken wellness:

breakfast smoothy with coconut milk, banana, strawberry, avocado, yogurt, cherry juice (yes these are all things that happened to be in my kitchen), greenzymes, chocolate protein powder, cinnamon & tumeric

magnetic sports bracelet– got my through rehearsals yesterday and will keep my hands in working order again today!

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