bike to work day

Today was Bike to Work Day, sponsored by the SF bike coalition.  Work for me starts next Tuesday so I biked with my fiance to work and on to my physical therapy appointment.  The crew at  Chiro-Medical group is awesome and I’m excited about my new PT program.  My back continues to feel stronger by the day!

This evening AC is leading the Divas in a Boot Camp.  Check our page for more details…

The workout:

12.3 miles easy stop and go riding, practicing clipping out on my right foot to lean on the sidewalk at stop lights- trickier for me than it sounds!

Nikken wellness:

greenzymes to start the day

magsteps in my slippers for comfort on my feet all day



I missed my Diva ride today. I was unfortunately driving instead of cycling across the bridge at that hour. I have spent my past two days at Skywalker Ranch recording the music for the soon to be released Star Wars video game part II. Work is good but it sure disagrees with me to see all those cyclists riding on a gorgeous day and not be one of them.
Yesterday when I arrived home, I hopped on my bike for a quick ride up the park & panhandle to meet my fiancé on his way home from work. Tonight I’m also working and I knew my body would be aching after two long days of sitting, so I planned ahead and took an early swim this morning. Lap swimming felt fast after bungee swimming and fighting waves last weekend!

The workout:
15 minutes in the water, mixed strokes .… no counting. It’s hard to do but refreshing to not have a goal sometimes. Felt great!

the best mother’s day ever

I am so addicted to this sport!   It’s definitely my new favorite way to start the day… especially when it’s followed by shave ice, like it was today! The picture to the left is Mom’s club- the Keala Canoe Club.  Most of them are regulars and they paddle four times a week.  They’re nice enough to let random main-landers join in and even offer tips as we go.  Today we took two 6-mans out because there were so many of us.   My canoe decided it would be fun, once we got way out in the middle of the ocean, to each do 5 minutes alone.  I opted to paddle solo for 1 minute and was tired out.  A few of them were even able to move the boat alone!   The ride wasn’t choppy like yesterday so we went a bit further and came back for “yard clean-up” then shave ice.  I was advised to get shave ice with ice cream and and adzuki beans.  I added mochi to this and ordered coffee flavor.  Ironically, I have to make another Italian comparison and bring up my favorite mid-ride indulgence when I do Paradise loop.   Around mile 25, I love to stop at a cafe in Tiburon and order an affogato.   Literally, “drowned”.  Espresso with a scoop of ice cream.   Anyway, back to today’s shave ice… It was the perfect breakfast after the paddling workout.

We then headed up to Manoa falls for a quick hike before Mother’s day brunch.  The last time I went up there was over a year ago, with several friends.  It was pouring and we were soaked by mid-way but we never got to the top because the trail had become a gushing river and it was impossible to go any higher.  The trail was muddy and slick today but we saw the falls and enjoyed the gorgeous greenery and flowers during our walk.

After digesting our massive brunch and sobering up from the prosecco, we slathered on sunscreen (for the third time today) and went for a swim.  The jellyfish had evacuated and there were only tourists to dodge.  We swam parallel to the beach and I finally figured out how not to get seasick in the waves.  Usually my breathing pattern alternates sides, sighting my destination every other breath, but I discovered that if I breathed every other stroke on the same side (away from the waves so I didn’t swallow salt water) I kept my equilibrium in tact.

Sadly, I am now getting packed to leave the island.  I hear it’s rainy at home so I guess I’ll be heading to the gym tomorrow morning!

The workout: 8 mile (?) paddle- leaning forward to use back instead of arm strength on each stroke, power comes from stable legs and core

gentle 1.6 mile hike

2/3 mile swim

water and doughnuts

We started our morning with another paddle- this one much choppier than the last!  The waves were crashing in every direction and we took in quite a bit of water on the way out.   My upper body was less tired by today’s paddle but my legs got more of a workout.  I think this is how it should be but I really don’t know enough about it to be sure.  We stopped  to rest pretty far out then turned back and attempted to ride the waves back toward the canal.  Sometimes I’d put my arm and paddle in and not find the water and other times I’d get wet up to my elbow.  We didn’t actually ride a wave but the way in was much faster nonetheless.  The rest of today’s adventures were centered around eating, of course.  Our 9:30 arrival at the farmers market was too late- all of my favorite mochi were already sold out, but I was quite satisfied by fresh coconut water, which I drank directly from the coconut.  On our way home we stopped for malasadas- Portuguese doughnuts- at Leonards.  They reminded me a bit of frittelle– the Italian Carnevale treat- and my all time favorite type of doughnut.   I indulged today in a custard-filled and Mom tried the seasonal mango-filled malasada.  I’m such a sucker for fried sweets!   Once we made it home, I decided I had to get inside the coconut and rescue all of the delicious meat.  Harder than it sounds without a machete.  I managed to hammer enough of it open to start scraping the inside but then took a small chunk out of my finger ramming it against the coconut shell.   Mom took over and I have been enjoying fresh coconut all day!

The  workout:

1 1/2 hour paddle, refresh with a visit to the farmers market

Check out this great site to discover your local farmers market!

frog swim

I tried something new today.  The jellyfish have invaded so after our run, we geared up for a bungee swim in the pool upstairs.  It was unusual and fun!  I felt as though I were swimming against the current, although there wasn’t one, and I enjoyed the liberty of closing my eyes while swimming back stroke- and not running into anything!  How it works:  I looped the shock-absorbing bungee around the pool ladder, then strapped the belt around my waist, and off I went…. except I didn’t actually go anywhere!  Mom and I were quite a sight, strapped onto ladders opposite each other and swimming nowhere.   I did get a good workout- and my arms were sore from yesterday’s paddle, but they feel better now!  The pictures are us preparing to head to the pool in our hawaiian towel dresses and me looking somewhat frog-like, swimming with the belt.   No idea what stroke I was attempting in this shot!

The workout:

40 min quick-paced run, all pavement but thinking about quick leg turnover and light landings

15 min bungee swim

Nikken products:

greenzymes before the run!

a new triathlon

This morning I awoke at 5:53. By 6 am we were at the canal getting the outrigger in the water. I’ve paddled only once before but fell into the rhythm easily and thoroughly enjoyed the early morning calm. I did think more than once how sore I would be tomorrow and that doing this regularly would insure a great looking back in my wedding dress!
After our paddle, we went for a short run near the beach then cooled off in the ocean. I forget what it feels like to be in a warm climate and it was strange to be sweating from running at 8 am. The ocean water was colder than my pool at home but felt amazing after the run. We swam near the shore and kept a close watch out for jellyfish. No encounters today!

The workout:
1 hour paddle (try kayaking or put in some time on the rowing machine)
30 minute run
1/4 mile swim

girl talk

Team Diva rode in shades of blue this morning. We were quite the stylish crew as we made our solitary way across the bridge. The headlands were also totally void of traffic so we spun halfway up until the road was closed, went down the backside & out to the beach. There was a headwind but it didn’t bother us much. We turned around at the beach then climbed our way back up & over. There’s nothing better than girl talk to keep the mind off climbing! The ride back across the bridge was a bit more crowded and we just beat several bus loads of tourists off the bridge.
The ride was amazing and now I’m at the airport boarding my plane to Honolulu. It was strange to be away from the airport for over a month and, ironically, I took in a deep, calm breath as I stepped inside, a little happy to be back.

The workout:
20 miles, find some friends & do some hills!