slow bus

Once again, I barely had any time for my morning swim because the bus took so long to get downtown.  My fault, really, for sleeping in and getting such a late start.  Oh well.  My swim was just long enough to stretch things out.  Plus, my calves are fully recovered from the weekend!  After it, I dashed off to my PT appointment, where I graduated to all sorts of balance work using balls and discs.  I’ll try to get the new exercises added to my core page soon.  This week has been my most successful week in terms of back health in a very long time.  I rarely noticed my back aching and I can see obvious improvement in my core strength.  Yay!!!

The workout:

450 yds/ 1/4 mile easy swim

Nikken Wellness:

greenzymes to start my day

magnetic insoles in my slippers

magnetic sports bracelet for my wrist


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