new swim workout

I need to get this back stuff in order so that when I go in for a massage, he has time to work on something else.   Not that I’m complaining about the massage I just had… not at all!  I feel great and my shoulders are actually in pretty good shape, considering it’s the end of opera season.  My back has been feeling “off” the past few days and it feels more stable after my massage.

I fit in a swim before, since my pool is right next door to Presidio Sport & Medicine and I couldn’t find the motivation to do much else.  I was supposed to ride with a few colleagues but in the end, with the mid-day massage, I had to choose between bike ride and practice so, wonder of wonders, practice won today!

Anyway, back to the swim…  after an earlier conversation with my sister about swim workouts, I decided to create one for the day.  The sprints are hard to stick to when you share a lane, but there aren’t many of them in this one.

The workout:

900 yd swim

200 yd warm up, mixed strokes

100 yd kicking drills, RI :30

300 yd easy swim, freestyle, RI :30

4 X 50 yd sprints on 1:00

100 yd cool down, mixed strokes

3 thoughts on “new swim workout

  1. julie

    Nice…Thanks! this will be my workout tomorrow…just so I’m clear, the last thing means that I sprint 50m (my pool is in M) and rest all in a minute then do the next one? Also, what do you do for kicking drills?

    1. Sorry- just saw this now! Correct about the sprinting- you might need more time for 50m but you can figure out what feels challenging and gives you a little recovery time. I’m posting a link to a TNT video on swim drills. They’re the same ones I still do!

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