power lunch

I had a fantastic morning…   met RC for a run at Crissy Field, found all kinds of delicious, organic produce at the Civic Center Farmers Market, then made myself a power lunch with freshly juiced fruits and veggies and a mixed bean/brown rice burrito.  My lunch kept me going through afternoon practice and I’ve noticed how energetic I feel since I’ve been juicing with my new juicer!

After posting yesterday’s swim workout, there was a question about swim drills.  I have added a page with a link to a Team in Training video and will continue to work on this page.

We had a gorgeous and windy morning for a run.  Crissy Field is always windy so we headed in the direction of the wind first.   We made it from the beach to underneath the bridge then decided to make our way up the many steps and steep trail to the bridge.  We actually ran most of it at an easy pace and were still able to chat on the way back.  In the end, we both felt like our legs had gotten a great workout but we weren’t winded.  This sort of run- with a friend and not too hard- is the sort that leaves me looking forward to the next one.   And right now, that’s my entire goal in the wonderful world of exercise!

The workout:

45 min run, flat plus one steep climb and/or steps

Find a running buddy and get out there!

Nikken wellness:

Greenzymes for pre-run energy

magnetic insoles for quicker recovery

veggie omega + DHA for cardiovascular support and heart health Your source for fish-free omegas.  Kosher certified!

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