On the go

The past few days have been a whirlwind of biking, practicing, driving and on-site wedding prep. Now I’m on the shuttle which will take me to the bus which will take me to my sister in Vail. After her final concert tonight, we’ll head down the mountain to catch a three hour “red-eye” to Atlanta, and after that, drive three hours into the mountains. We have four trio concerts in GA & NC over the weekend and I’m feeling truely “on the go” again. I’m hoping to fit in a few runs and, of course, my swim suit is in my (very small!) suitcase.
Yesterday there was no time for anything un-wedding related but Monday before I returned my bike, I did one last ride. My goal was Frisco but I felt so good I pushed on to Copper Mountain. The ride is incredibly gorgeous & follows a river most of the way. Best of all, the first several miles on the way back are downhill! I was worn out by the end but not sore.
This morning I woke up completely stiff from lack of activity yesterday (my body was in the groove of biking daily!) so I went to the pool outside my condo. It’s shaped like a large jellybean with a good circumference for swimming. Since the sky was grey, I had it completely to myself. The stretcing out felt good but my arms were tired and my violin was calling, so I made it a quick dip.

The Workout:
day 1- bike 34ish miles at 9,000 feet, I took it easy, as I was in no rush to get home to laundry & practice
day 2- stretching & core at night before bed
day 3- six swimming circles in the jellybean pool then two “laps” back stroke, my only intention was to stretch my body out & relieve soreness

Nikken Wellness:
Greenzymes- in handy travel packs!

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