orange pond

The girls and I are having a great time in Highlands, NC.  We played our first concert tonight and have three more.  I wanted to go running and swimming this afternoon between rehearsal and concert, but it was way too hot for me so I dragged the girls out to the pond in front of my host parent’s house.  We traipsed down the street in our bathing suits, towels in hand, to investigate.  I had warned them that I did see a couple of big fish yesterday but also told them that the water was super clean and refreshing.   I didn’t mention that the visibility was zero and they’d have to wade through mud then launch themselves into the water when they could no longer see their feet (just in case there was something else lurking down below).  I plunged in first, as I am always their “fearless leader” in such situations.  The water was bath tub temperature for about the first foot then much colder since the lake is deep.   In the first few minutes I kicked each of them several times since they were swimming so close together and right behind me.  I warned them that broken fingers would not go over well in tonight’s performance so they spread out but still stayed behind me so I could scare away big fish.  On our second lap across the lake, I decided to cry wolf.  I turned around and yelled, scaring one but not the other.  I paid for it later when I had a crick in my neck from the quick turn!  We paddled our way across and back twice then waded out.  One sister said the water was amazing and she’d gotten used to it.  The other asked if we’d noticed the orange tinge our bodies took on under water.  Hmmm….

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