thick air

I decided to get up this morning and run before for the heat set in.  The air was already thick and wore me out quickly.  The roads around my house here don’t go very far in any direction, so I went to the end of each, half running, half walking, then arrived home just in time for blueberry pancakes, made by my host mom!

The workout:

15 minute run/walk   I actually felt tired by the end- but maybe it’s just the feeling of not yet being warmed up or actually giving myself time to get into it.  I walked most of the hills but decided at one point to pump my arms more to propel myself up the hill.  It worked beautifully but I was winded and still had to walk at the top!  I think humidity is harder for me than altitude was.   Maybe I’ll stick to swimming in the orange pond for the rest of my time here.

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