wedding dress & a hike

I have been asked more than once during this week if I think I’ll still fit into my wedding dress after this week of good eating.  It’s not a thought that has occurred to me over the entire year since I bought the dress but now I’m just a tad bit paranoid.   Not really, but logically, I have been eating quite a bit and exercising quite a little bit.  I don’t suppose one week will make much of  a difference in the big scheme of things but the week before my wedding is probably not the smartest time to be consistently over-stuffing myself!

This morning I met my sisters for a hike.  It was rather un-strenuous but the combination of sunscreen slathered all over my arms and face, and humidity encouraging my clothes stick to me made it uncomfortable.  Sweating aside, we hiked the Whiteside Trail loop , unknowingly choosing the more difficult side for the hike up.  Our hike was part steps, part trail and part granite rock.  We were rewarded with spectacular views on the top plateau and afterward cooled down with another short swim in the orange pond near my house.  Only J joined me today and we made it out with only small-fish-sightings.  Post-morning excursions, we were welcomed back to B’s host family’s home with a very Southern lunch of tomato sandwiches.


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