wading & waiting

My exercise of the day was carrying my luggage through the airport and now alternately sitting and standing in the space of my window seat while the plane receives a new part (1 1/2 hr delay so far). Charming. Our drive into Atlanta this morning took almost three hours and the drive to Estes from DIA should take less than two. Too much sitting today but I’m staying conscious of my posture to keep my back happy!
Yesterday we explored a couple of famous area waterfalls then found a swimming hole in the river. We hung out, treading water against the strong current until we started getting tired then headed back to town for more music.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, half of the passengers on our plane just trooped up to the front, accepting an invitation to visit the cockpit while we kill time. Ughhh…
And now we can get off the plane for food. I already ate so I’m using the time for core exercises in the terminal.

The workouts:

Treading water 15 min, alternate between using both hands, just hands & just feet

Stretching in terminal, followed by backward in place lunges, squats, & plank

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