summer hike

I meant to switch yesterday’s workout with today’s since I did my long run yesterday. However, I arrived to find the pool closed for it’s yearly deep clean and was planning to meet a friend for a hike so my short run was skipped entirely.
I drove north and met my friend at Tutti Melon for a pre-hike treat. The key lime flavor was tart and delicious with pieces of graham cracker. Yum!
After icecream we drove just ten minutes farther north and found ourselves in hot, dry summer heat… the kind I love!
The hike was dusty and trail tricky to find in places. It smelled like late summer and blackberries. There was a tiny trickle of a stream and we crossed back and forth over the mostly dry streambed. We moved quickly and sweated in the heat, winding our way up until the trail became too dusty and there was a dangerous lack of footholds.
We reluctantly turned around and headed back to the car and regular life of picking kids up from school and fog on the bridge.
It was a lovely hike and I will happily trade more 45 minute runs for hikes! My last short race before the marathon is, after all, a 10k trail run!

back on track

I just returned from  my longest run of the year.  According to both my calculations and the MapMyRun program, I actually ran about 7 miles, plus walked more between warm up and cool down.  None of it felt particularly easy but there was never a point when I didn’t think I’d be able to finish.  The weather was cool and sunny, with a touch of wind and my LearnHebrewPodcasts kept me company.  I don’t like loud music in my ears when I run outside because I don’t think it’s safe and I also enjoy too much hearing the sounds of the trees in the park and waves crashing at the beach.  Today I wasn’t sure if I’d get through my run without assistance so I brought my iphone.   Of course I decided at the last second that I wanted to download new podcasts so while I waited for my phone to update, I did a quick roll-out session and a few core exercises.  I do think the rollout helped warm up my muscles because getting started was easier than usual.

I ran through the park to the beach, then down the great highway, which was closed to cars for sand clean up.  I love it when the road is all mine!I took it very easy through my entire run, making it my goal to keep my heart rate at the bottom of ZN4.  I don’t honestly think I could have run any faster today if I’d wanted to but I feel better believing that I was moving slowly for a purpose!  I took 1-2 minutes out of each 15 minute chunk of time to walk so I could get a drink, rest my legs or take a picture.  I finished the run feeling strong and did my toe/heel walking for the last couple of blocks.

The Workout:

7 mile run, keeping a slow pace to be sure I don’t end up sick again, monitoring my breathing occasionally to be sure I was breathing through my nose, not panting!

toe/heel walking for calf strength and preventing shin splints

core exercises and roll-out before and after run, ice groin after as preventative measure


I figured out this morning why my left groin has been hurting.  I was doing a few yoga poses in the sunroom and as soon as I went into warrior, it hurt.  I must have overdone it on this pose a few days ago!  I skipped my run yesterday because of the groin and I also wasn’t feeling well.  Again today I thought running might make me feel worse, so my husband and I decided to start walking and see where we ended up.  I felt like a tourist wandering around in my own city!  My goal was to walk at least 60 minutes, since that’s what yesterday’s run was supposed to be.  More than two hours later, we’d been through two open houses, discovered an amazing consignment store, contemplated buying a massive beanbag and a Japanese antique hutch, and ended up in Japantown eating ramen.  I loved taking it easy today and because I did, I’ll probably be healthier and able to run tomorrow!

The workout:

Get outside and walk!  Discover a new neighborhood or walk to a destination across the city instead of driving…

Core exercises will happen before dinner so I have no excuse of being too full after!

9 minute swim

Got in the pool today, swam for 9 minutes, got out.  I tried breast stroke to warm up as I usually do but my left groin was not feeling great.  I wonder if I overstretched it sometime in the past couple of days.  It’s nice to be on a marathon training schedule and to treat any other workouts I chose as recovery days.  It felt good to be in the water and I broke up my very short swim with some pull bouey.

The workout:

450 yd swim/ 9 minute workout

250 mixed free and back

150 pull bouey using different breathing patterns

50 freestyle cool down

buddy system

Yesterday I waited until late afternoon to run so I’d have a running buddy again.  I met GC right as she finished work and we walked down to the beach then ran along the path.  The weather had turned back into the typical cold, grey, windy SF summer we’re used to but the run was pleasant and the temperature was perfect for allowing us to keep our pace up.  At the end we both agreed we’d run faster than we would have if we’d been running alone.  But at no point were we running too hard to speak.  Good stuff!

I decided to skip running on Wednesday because my calves had been hurting for the past day and a half for no explicable reason.  I thought perhaps it was dehydration and I was right.  They’re still a little sore but are feeling much better, even after yesterday’s run.  Mid-way through, however, I felt as though I’d pulled my left groin.  I tried to walk it out but it didn’t go away so we decided to run again and see what happened.  My general rule is, if I can walk or jog something out, it’s best to stop.  It did subside quite a bit but I was uncomfortable walking the rest of the night.  This morning it’s totally gone, so who knows what that was about.  I’ll monitor it on my swim today and see what comes up.

The Workout:

45 min pace run, rolling hills along the beach path, I spent the majority of the run in ZN4, average HR 82%, my HRM tells me I burned 387 calories


Jade Greenzymes, of course

Something totally different…  sunscreen.  It’s easy to slather it on when the sun is out but hard to remember to wear it when the sky looks overcast.  I do wear it anyway- no matter if I’m running or heading out for a day of work! I’ve already had one bout of skin cancer on my nose and don’t want to go there again!  I just found a new product that I’m going to try.  It’s part of my friend’s organic skin care line, Om Aroma…  a red raspberry day serum.  (The Oomah scientific study states that red raspberry seed oil acts as a broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B shield with a protection factor equal to titanium dioxide and a potential SPF between 28-50.) I certainly won’t be using it at my sport sunscreen but I’ll be trying it for every-day use.  If you are interested in this product or any other of her other amazing skin care/ anti-aging products, today is the day to make a purchase.  With the code Red27 you’ll receive 20% off your entire order!

heat wave

It’s still summer in SF!  The weather report says we’ve got one more day of this glorious heat.  I finally decided to ride to work this morning.  I hadn’t done it since early summer season because my back wasn’t feeling stable enough, but I situated my violin on my back so it wouldn’t interfere with my helmet or seat, kept my pack light and rode to work… twice, actually.  I arrived and was about to lock up my bike when I realized that my bike lock was no longer attached to the back of my bike.  I had bungeed it to my pannier rack but it had fallen off somewhere along my route.  Luckily I had plenty of time and remembered where I thought I’d heard a thud.  Unfortunately it was on the other side of the three hills, but I hardly minded and I wasn’t about to leave my very expensive, heavy duty lock laying somewhere on the street.

We got out of rehearsal early enough that I was able to make it to the Presidio pool before they closed the lap lanes down for swim lessons.  I found myself another hilly route and took a different entrance into the Presidio.  By the time I reached the pool, I was soaked with sweat and ready to take the cold plunge.  And cold, it was!  It always feels like they don’t heat that pool at all, which today was appreciated, but usually isn’t!  I jumped into the fast lane because it was the least crowded but quickly realized I was going to be in the way so I moved over a lane.  I found myself in a lane with the guy who has the longest arm span I’ve ever seen.  When he decides to do breast stroke or butterfly (really… in a public pool??), you can’t get past him because his wing span is too wide!  My legs were tired anyway and I didn’t want to get out and find a pull bouey because I might have lost my spot in the lane.  The pool was so crowded, it felt like ocean waves when certain people went by and I didn’t have motivation to swim for too long.  I eventually moved over to the rec area and floated for a little while to relax and stretch.  Then I pulled my shorts on over my suit and hopped on my bike.  I really can’t remember such heat in SF- and I certainly never wore my swimsuit biking before!  My back is a little tired but I did my exercises right away and will do more stretching now.

the workout:

15 miles biking around the city

15 minutes swimming easy laps, mixed strokes

beach weather

Day 3 of marathon training.  (I’m getting such a kick out of calling it that!)  I’m very goal oriented and am enjoying having a new race to train for.  It’s been a long time!

I had trouble waking up again this morning and it took me a while to eat breakfast and get out of the house.  Summer arrived in San Francisco yesterday so the temperature was warm and I found myself seeking out the shady side of the street!  I ran to the beach and back.  The way down felt difficult for some reason, and I walked for a few minutes at the beach.  There was way more skin on display down there than usual, as a good portion of the city was enjoying actual beach weather!  On the way back, I was passed by one of those little electric tourist cars that talk very loudly and always scare me when I’m biking in the Presidio.  It informed me (and its driver, and everyone else within earshot), that the area of the park we were in used to be called the Wasteland and all the outlaws hung out there.  I also learned that GG Park is 20 % bigger than Central Park.  I felt strong until the very end of the uphill home.  My HRM monitor tells me that I burned 400 calories and spent the majority of my run in Z4, with a good bit of time in Z3 and Z5 also.

The workout:

5 min walking warm up

41 min run, reminding myself to pump my arms to help propel forward on the way back up, breathing through my nose whenever possible

5 min walking cool down with toe/heel walks.   Just read this morning that running on a treadmill can contribute to shin problems.  Anybody know anything about this?   First time I’ve heard it.