beach weather

Day 3 of marathon training.  (I’m getting such a kick out of calling it that!)  I’m very goal oriented and am enjoying having a new race to train for.  It’s been a long time!

I had trouble waking up again this morning and it took me a while to eat breakfast and get out of the house.  Summer arrived in San Francisco yesterday so the temperature was warm and I found myself seeking out the shady side of the street!  I ran to the beach and back.  The way down felt difficult for some reason, and I walked for a few minutes at the beach.  There was way more skin on display down there than usual, as a good portion of the city was enjoying actual beach weather!  On the way back, I was passed by one of those little electric tourist cars that talk very loudly and always scare me when I’m biking in the Presidio.  It informed me (and its driver, and everyone else within earshot), that the area of the park we were in used to be called the Wasteland and all the outlaws hung out there.  I also learned that GG Park is 20 % bigger than Central Park.  I felt strong until the very end of the uphill home.  My HRM monitor tells me that I burned 400 calories and spent the majority of my run in Z4, with a good bit of time in Z3 and Z5 also.

The workout:

5 min walking warm up

41 min run, reminding myself to pump my arms to help propel forward on the way back up, breathing through my nose whenever possible

5 min walking cool down with toe/heel walks.   Just read this morning that running on a treadmill can contribute to shin problems.  Anybody know anything about this?   First time I’ve heard it.

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