heat wave

It’s still summer in SF!  The weather report says we’ve got one more day of this glorious heat.  I finally decided to ride to work this morning.  I hadn’t done it since early summer season because my back wasn’t feeling stable enough, but I situated my violin on my back so it wouldn’t interfere with my helmet or seat, kept my pack light and rode to work… twice, actually.  I arrived and was about to lock up my bike when I realized that my bike lock was no longer attached to the back of my bike.  I had bungeed it to my pannier rack but it had fallen off somewhere along my route.  Luckily I had plenty of time and remembered where I thought I’d heard a thud.  Unfortunately it was on the other side of the three hills, but I hardly minded and I wasn’t about to leave my very expensive, heavy duty lock laying somewhere on the street.

We got out of rehearsal early enough that I was able to make it to the Presidio pool before they closed the lap lanes down for swim lessons.  I found myself another hilly route and took a different entrance into the Presidio.  By the time I reached the pool, I was soaked with sweat and ready to take the cold plunge.  And cold, it was!  It always feels like they don’t heat that pool at all, which today was appreciated, but usually isn’t!  I jumped into the fast lane because it was the least crowded but quickly realized I was going to be in the way so I moved over a lane.  I found myself in a lane with the guy who has the longest arm span I’ve ever seen.  When he decides to do breast stroke or butterfly (really… in a public pool??), you can’t get past him because his wing span is too wide!  My legs were tired anyway and I didn’t want to get out and find a pull bouey because I might have lost my spot in the lane.  The pool was so crowded, it felt like ocean waves when certain people went by and I didn’t have motivation to swim for too long.  I eventually moved over to the rec area and floated for a little while to relax and stretch.  Then I pulled my shorts on over my suit and hopped on my bike.  I really can’t remember such heat in SF- and I certainly never wore my swimsuit biking before!  My back is a little tired but I did my exercises right away and will do more stretching now.

the workout:

15 miles biking around the city

15 minutes swimming easy laps, mixed strokes

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