buddy system

Yesterday I waited until late afternoon to run so I’d have a running buddy again.  I met GC right as she finished work and we walked down to the beach then ran along the path.  The weather had turned back into the typical cold, grey, windy SF summer we’re used to but the run was pleasant and the temperature was perfect for allowing us to keep our pace up.  At the end we both agreed we’d run faster than we would have if we’d been running alone.  But at no point were we running too hard to speak.  Good stuff!

I decided to skip running on Wednesday because my calves had been hurting for the past day and a half for no explicable reason.  I thought perhaps it was dehydration and I was right.  They’re still a little sore but are feeling much better, even after yesterday’s run.  Mid-way through, however, I felt as though I’d pulled my left groin.  I tried to walk it out but it didn’t go away so we decided to run again and see what happened.  My general rule is, if I can walk or jog something out, it’s best to stop.  It did subside quite a bit but I was uncomfortable walking the rest of the night.  This morning it’s totally gone, so who knows what that was about.  I’ll monitor it on my swim today and see what comes up.

The Workout:

45 min pace run, rolling hills along the beach path, I spent the majority of the run in ZN4, average HR 82%, my HRM tells me I burned 387 calories


Jade Greenzymes, of course

Something totally different…  sunscreen.  It’s easy to slather it on when the sun is out but hard to remember to wear it when the sky looks overcast.  I do wear it anyway- no matter if I’m running or heading out for a day of work! I’ve already had one bout of skin cancer on my nose and don’t want to go there again!  I just found a new product that I’m going to try.  It’s part of my friend’s organic skin care line, Om Aroma…  a red raspberry day serum.  (The Oomah scientific study states that red raspberry seed oil acts as a broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B shield with a protection factor equal to titanium dioxide and a potential SPF between 28-50.) I certainly won’t be using it at my sport sunscreen but I’ll be trying it for every-day use.  If you are interested in this product or any other of her other amazing skin care/ anti-aging products, today is the day to make a purchase.  With the code Red27 you’ll receive 20% off your entire order!

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