I figured out this morning why my left groin has been hurting.  I was doing a few yoga poses in the sunroom and as soon as I went into warrior, it hurt.  I must have overdone it on this pose a few days ago!  I skipped my run yesterday because of the groin and I also wasn’t feeling well.  Again today I thought running might make me feel worse, so my husband and I decided to start walking and see where we ended up.  I felt like a tourist wandering around in my own city!  My goal was to walk at least 60 minutes, since that’s what yesterday’s run was supposed to be.  More than two hours later, we’d been through two open houses, discovered an amazing consignment store, contemplated buying a massive beanbag and a Japanese antique hutch, and ended up in Japantown eating ramen.  I loved taking it easy today and because I did, I’ll probably be healthier and able to run tomorrow!

The workout:

Get outside and walk!  Discover a new neighborhood or walk to a destination across the city instead of driving…

Core exercises will happen before dinner so I have no excuse of being too full after!


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