back on track

I just returned from  my longest run of the year.  According to both my calculations and the MapMyRun program, I actually ran about 7 miles, plus walked more between warm up and cool down.  None of it felt particularly easy but there was never a point when I didn’t think I’d be able to finish.  The weather was cool and sunny, with a touch of wind and my LearnHebrewPodcasts kept me company.  I don’t like loud music in my ears when I run outside because I don’t think it’s safe and I also enjoy too much hearing the sounds of the trees in the park and waves crashing at the beach.  Today I wasn’t sure if I’d get through my run without assistance so I brought my iphone.   Of course I decided at the last second that I wanted to download new podcasts so while I waited for my phone to update, I did a quick roll-out session and a few core exercises.  I do think the rollout helped warm up my muscles because getting started was easier than usual.

I ran through the park to the beach, then down the great highway, which was closed to cars for sand clean up.  I love it when the road is all mine!I took it very easy through my entire run, making it my goal to keep my heart rate at the bottom of ZN4.  I don’t honestly think I could have run any faster today if I’d wanted to but I feel better believing that I was moving slowly for a purpose!  I took 1-2 minutes out of each 15 minute chunk of time to walk so I could get a drink, rest my legs or take a picture.  I finished the run feeling strong and did my toe/heel walking for the last couple of blocks.

The Workout:

7 mile run, keeping a slow pace to be sure I don’t end up sick again, monitoring my breathing occasionally to be sure I was breathing through my nose, not panting!

toe/heel walking for calf strength and preventing shin splints

core exercises and roll-out before and after run, ice groin after as preventative measure


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