summer hike

I meant to switch yesterday’s workout with today’s since I did my long run yesterday. However, I arrived to find the pool closed for it’s yearly deep clean and was planning to meet a friend for a hike so my short run was skipped entirely.
I drove north and met my friend at Tutti Melon for a pre-hike treat. The key lime flavor was tart and delicious with pieces of graham cracker. Yum!
After icecream we drove just ten minutes farther north and found ourselves in hot, dry summer heat… the kind I love!
The hike was dusty and trail tricky to find in places. It smelled like late summer and blackberries. There was a tiny trickle of a stream and we crossed back and forth over the mostly dry streambed. We moved quickly and sweated in the heat, winding our way up until the trail became too dusty and there was a dangerous lack of footholds.
We reluctantly turned around and headed back to the car and regular life of picking kids up from school and fog on the bridge.
It was a lovely hike and I will happily trade more 45 minute runs for hikes! My last short race before the marathon is, after all, a 10k trail run!


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