new mantra

I have officially changed my thinking pattern from “accident prone” to “graceful and easy”.   I’ve had enough falling for the week!

Today’s run began with a climb up the 15th avenue hill into the Presidio.  It felt reasonably easy and I continued along on paths I’d never taken until I hit the Baker Beach hill.  Then, for some inexplicable reason I decided to run up instead of down in the direction I meant to be heading.  I’m not sure if I was trying to sabotage my run on purpose or what.  Part way up I took a hard fall and scraped up one palm and two knees.  The knees were bleeding quite a bit so I took another path off the cliff in the direction of ocean/foliage thinking I might be able to clean up.  I found a work crew who offered me some water but at the time I hadn’t noticed that I’d torn up both knees, so I washed up one and headed on my way.  Then I looked down and saw the other one was a mess too and my only option was to attempt to rinse it with sportsdrink.  Luckily my sportsdrink today was stevia sweetened so I didn’t have a sticky mess running down my leg.   I almost called it quits after that but, strangely, I was enjoying my run so I kept going.

Near Seacliff, I ran into a friend who was running with his dog, so I joined them through Land’s End.  I pushed to keep up with their pace then bid them good bye and carefully ran down to the beach path.  My mom called just then so I chatted with her as I ran into the fog on the beach.  I’m getting pretty good at talking on the phone while I run!  I was supposed to meet GC as she came out of work so we could run home together.  I was a little behind schedule but she met me along the beach path and we dragged each other up the park home.   It was such a treat having so many people to talk to on my run today!

The workout: 12ish miles

2 hrs, 1100 calories, ave HR 83%, body felt good the entire time, just tired by the end!

Wellness: we made a recovery juice today with apples, watermelon, ginger and parsley


Another gorgeous day, another fun bike ride, and a new riding buddy!  We rode across the bridge and down to the end of the Sausalito bike path, then back.  Of course Cibo was a necessary stop on the way back.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any mishaps with tourists today.  They were thinner on the bridge than usual because of the fog.  I did however realize that, while my new tires make me faster (I reached 30 mph on a flat today), they are tricky in wind.  They have an aero design and even though the extra material is minimal, it is enough to catch our strong bay area winds.  I almost wiped out at one point when I was cruising down a hill and the wind took control of my bike.  Perhaps I’m too light for these wheels in the wind?  Or maybe I just need to get used to controlling them!

I came home and decided it was time to update my core work page.  Doing all of the poses with a 10 second self-timed camera didn’t prove to be easy, but I did learn quite a bit about my form- and what I was doing wrong- from looking at the pictures I took!

The workout: 22.7 mile bike ride

2 good climbs, done at a good clip, reminding myself to keep spinning in a low gear

more fun with the tourists

I decided to do my 60 minute run on the Embarcadero today during my break between rehearsal and show.  It was still hot out by 5pm and the sun was just beginning to go down directly in front of me.  The run started out very nicely but began feeling a little chaotic by the time I hit Fisherman’s Wharf.  My husband called just as I was dodging tourists and trying to see into the sun.  I had one ear plugged to block out the cheesy Italian music wafting from restaurants but I wanted to talk since we hadn’t connected all day.  Suddenly I was ambushed by the Bushman, whom I’ve heard about but never witnessed myself.  He yelled “slow down” and of course I jumped, making the surrounding tourists laugh.  I’m on a roll with making scenes lately.  Maybe I should stay away from tourist destinations for the next few days!

I ran for almost an hour at what felt to be a good but sustainable clip and it took me until intermission of the opera to final cool back down to normal temperature again.  I’m not used to 80 degrees outside… and inside the pit!

The workout:  5.5 mile run

55 minutes, full body roll-out and core exercises after

adventures on a sunny day

I knew as I approached the bridge this morning that it was going to be a chaotic ride across.  It was late morning and the temperatures were already in the upper 70s… a rare thing for San Francisco.  I had my whistle at the ready and began my crossing slowly.  I found that I was too uncoordinated to figure out when to use the whistle, when to yell and when to unclip.  The result of this was running my front wheel, slow motion, into a tourist while unclipping the wrong foot and falling to the opposite side- on top of another tourist.  Oops!  Nobody was hurt, so we brushed off, said our apologies and continued on our separate ways.

Headlands is still closed so I rode up half way then turned around and realized how much different my new wheels felt.  They sure didn’t help me move faster on the ascent (only stronger legs will do that for me!) but on the downhills and then, once across the bridge again, on the flat road, I was zipping along.  I cruised at 25 mph on one stretch of road!

Much to my dismay, my usual route home was covered with loose gravel and I had no intention of trying to ride over it, so I turned around.  Instead of going back to the bridge and taking the other route home, I wove my way through a Presidio neighborhood and dead-ended into two more roads under construction.  So I had to turn around and go back up another hill to get to the original Baker Beach hill road, which I should have taken in the first place.   Better luck next time!

The workout:

14 mile bike ride, 3 short-ish climbs

roll-out session after

“triathlon” over a weekend

My muscles were surprisingly un-sore Friday after Thursday’s run. I had a little difficulty moving quickly to catch the train in the morning, with my bag & violin in tow, but the headache which had stayed with me overnight vanished after morning coffee and I felt rather energetic. I need to be more careful with my nutrition during and after runs so I don’t get any more headaches!
After an east bay photo shoot and a huge lunch, I made my way back to the Embarcadero Y for a swim. I did a long set of core exercises and a full body roll-out before proceeding to the swimming pool. I’ve been focusing on upper body in the pool to rest my legs but in the middle of a long set of pulling I felt the new twinge in my lower back. I think the first time I felt it was after an upper body swim workout last week. Always good to be able to pinpoint what causes pain!

The workout:  1000 meter swim

200 warm up
swim/pull ladder- 2 pull buoys needed
25 m pull
25 m swim
50 m pull
50 m swim
… up to 150 m
150 m cool down

Saturday was a bike-for-transportation day. My road bike is still in the shop so I greased up my mountain bike and fixed the brakes so that the bike appeared to be useable.  It got me from home to the Tour de Fat to a gig at the other end of the park and back home again.  Not a ton of exercise but fun and better than nothing!

Today I wanted to run an hour but also wanted to visit the Sunset farmer’s market where my friend’s students were performing in a jazz combo.  I ran 45 minutes- almost to the beach then back up the other side of the park via trails.  The other side of the park is much steeper than my side and it feels like a good hill workout when I run from the beach over there.   I arrived at the market just as my husband pulled up on his bicycle.  We loaded his bag full of produce, ate samples of fruit, enjoyed slices of Arizmendi’s pizza of the day, and listened to some good music in the sun.  I ran home, which took another 15 minutes and was surprisingly easy considering all of the juice, fruit and pizza I had just consumed.

The workout:  60 minute run

hills for at least half, break in the middle

coastal run

Today I ran my long run.  It was a gorgeous day and I planned my coastal loop so I’d climb the biggest hill while I was still semi-fresh.  I took off into the park and felt as though I was still warming up by the time I reached the beach.  I had decided on a 14 min run/ 1 min walk ratio, but for the most part I walked to take pictures and ran because I felt good.  The first bit of excitement today was when somebody spotted dolphins playing just off Ocean Beach.  I was on my way up the Cliff House hill so I walked backwards, slowly while I watched them.  I got to Lands End and the area, which is sometimes eerily foggy and void of people, was crowded with tourists and employees on lunch break from the nearby VA Medical Center.  Once the paved path ended, the crowds thinned and I focused more on the opera playing through my headphones, Janacek’s Makropulos Case.  I was pleased to find that I immediately recognized one of the singer’s voices and that I’d made the mistake I so often mistake and bought a recording in the wrong language.  This opera is usually performed in Czech and I managed to pick an English version.  Better for me as I ran- I could enjoy the story also!   The Lands End trail ends at Seacliff, the extravagant and beautiful neighborhood where Robin Williams has (had?) a home.  I made my way along the sidewalk until I was in the Presidio and climbing up Baker Beach hill.  Luckily my husband called as I started my ascent and I talked to him as I ran most of the hill.  I was quite pleased to find myself near the top and still running as we said goodbye.  Next, I wove my way through the trails to get to the GG bridge.  There is so much construction here and all over the Presidio that it’s hard to find the trails I used to run.  I prefer it the old way- with less pavement and fewer signs directing our way.  At the bridge, I dropped down (via yet another paved walkway plus several steps) to the warming hut.  There I decided to treat myself to a flat finish instead of looping back up and around toward home.  I ran down and back the length of Crissy Field and called it a day.  The PresidiGo drove by shortly after I finished and I took it back to the other side of the Presidio, then walked home.  Sitting down right away was a bad idea because my right quad cramped up, but it’s all better now, after more walking and stretching!

The workout:

10.5-11 mile run (depending on which signs I choose to believe), ave HR 83%, 1:49:10, 971 calories

cross training

I scheduled in a few cross training days plus a day of rest each week when I created my marathon training schedule.  I am finding that I need more rest days than previously planned so I often rest instead of cross train.  However, today I knew that swimming would help my back feel better in between two long services at work, so I went directly to the pool after rehearsal.   The afternoon sun was peeking in through the top windows of the pool deck so I enjoyed the feeling of swimming outdoors every time I swam through a strip of sunlight.

The workout:

900 yd swim

300 yd warm up- 100 yd swim, 100 yd drills, 100 yd pull

200 yd swim, L6, RI: 30

200 yd pull, L6

cool down- 200 yd mixed strokes


After my swim I enjoyed a blend of kefir and pure cherry juice