Diva ride

I finally rode with the girls again.  It has been a long time!  I almost missed it this morning, claiming yesterday during the planning that I couldn’t get up that early (still feeling jetlag), but decided to just make it happen.  I’m always late getting to our meeting spot at the bridge.  I know it takes 15 minutes from my house, but instead of allowing 20 so I’ll be there on time, I allow 10 and hope I can magically get there faster.  I always arrive 5 minutes late.

The bridge was empty on the way across and the bay was sparkling in the morning sunshine.  I lagged behind, as is usual these days.  I hate being the slowest but I guess not being the slowest would involve actually riding more and focusing on moving my legs faster!  AC had to turn around at the end of the bike path and get to work, but me and RC continued on over the El Camino hill and into Paradise loop.  We did the abbreviated version because I wasn’t up for the full 40 and, of course, stopped for coffee at Cibo on the way back.  I couldn’t resist the fresh peach lemonade.  I love summer fruit!  The way back across the bridge was crowded and neither of us had remembered our whistles AC distributed to Team Diva in the spring.  Oh well!  RC lead the way and cleared the tourists out of our path.

It’s nice to be home with a great workout finished and the entire afternoon stretched out before me.  Getting up early really pays off!

The workout:

32.5 miles, Paradise loop short course, max 31.4/ ave 11.1 (super slow for some reason!)


PiMag filtered water– before, during and after my ride

Green tea kombucha– I just discovered this locally produced kombucha.  It’s refreshing and not as strong as the regular stuff


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