in the zone

I almost didn’t run at all today because my body just didn’t feel right.  I debated going to the gym because it was pretty windy out but I decided to just take a long run/walk instead at Crissy Field.  I dropped my bike off at Sports Basement for a major overhaul and starting walking.  After I warmed up for a few minutes, I decided to run, promising myself I’d walk as soon as I switched directions and felt the headwind.  Once I switched directions I decided that running didn’t feel that bad and I’d run 10 minutes then check in.  At the 10 minute mark, I walked for a minute and took stock of groin and low back.  Groin hurt, ironically, only when I walked and low back was okay.  At around 15 minutes I started feeling a little twinge in the low back.  This is a new one and I wasn’t sure what would make it better or worse so I decided to keep going and see what happened.  It went away completely.  By 45 minutes I was really enjoying myself and it hit me that I was experiencing what runners sometimes describe as “the zone”.  Running suddenly felt easy, even into the wind.  My body moved in perfect coordination and breathing through my nose was gentle and rhythmic.  I checked my HRM after the run and found that I’d never even spiked into ZN5.  I was mostly in ZN4, aerobic zone, right where I wanted to be.

On my second lap of Crissy Field, a peregrine falcon swooped down and landed near the running path briefly before soaring back up to her nest in the rocks.  After that I saw a teenaged girl dressed in a pink princess ball gown posing on a rental bike with the Golden Gate bridge in the background.  Her family swarmed around her giving instructions, fixing her dress and taking pictures.  Midway through my second lap I decided to just run two complete lengths from the Crissy Field Center to Fort Point and quit thinking about time or distance.  I concluded with my toe/heel walks and some stretching before getting back in the car and continuing on with my errands.

The workout:

6.5 miles, run 10/walk 1 minute, 70 minutes, ave HR 80%, 582 calories


An evening with the girls, eating good food and learning about this month’s Dining For Women organization, Somaly Mam foundation.

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