cross training

I scheduled in a few cross training days plus a day of rest each week when I created my marathon training schedule.  I am finding that I need more rest days than previously planned so I often rest instead of cross train.  However, today I knew that swimming would help my back feel better in between two long services at work, so I went directly to the pool after rehearsal.   The afternoon sun was peeking in through the top windows of the pool deck so I enjoyed the feeling of swimming outdoors every time I swam through a strip of sunlight.

The workout:

900 yd swim

300 yd warm up- 100 yd swim, 100 yd drills, 100 yd pull

200 yd swim, L6, RI: 30

200 yd pull, L6

cool down- 200 yd mixed strokes


After my swim I enjoyed a blend of kefir and pure cherry juice


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