Another gorgeous day, another fun bike ride, and a new riding buddy!  We rode across the bridge and down to the end of the Sausalito bike path, then back.  Of course Cibo was a necessary stop on the way back.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any mishaps with tourists today.  They were thinner on the bridge than usual because of the fog.  I did however realize that, while my new tires make me faster (I reached 30 mph on a flat today), they are tricky in wind.  They have an aero design and even though the extra material is minimal, it is enough to catch our strong bay area winds.  I almost wiped out at one point when I was cruising down a hill and the wind took control of my bike.  Perhaps I’m too light for these wheels in the wind?  Or maybe I just need to get used to controlling them!

I came home and decided it was time to update my core work page.  Doing all of the poses with a 10 second self-timed camera didn’t prove to be easy, but I did learn quite a bit about my form- and what I was doing wrong- from looking at the pictures I took!

The workout: 22.7 mile bike ride

2 good climbs, done at a good clip, reminding myself to keep spinning in a low gear

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