I ran 15 miles today so that 13 will feel easy during the 1/2 marathon next weekend.  At least that was the logic.  Unfortunately my legs were feeling fatigued by mile 8, so maybe that logic wasn’t particularly sound.  I did get through almost 15 today without too much trouble.  My husband met me at Crissy Field for the last bit and we enjoyed a walk/stretch in the sun near the water afterward.  I opted to run without heart rate monitor today with only a goal time.  I arrived at our meeting spot the exact minute I had guessed I would be there (2:15 after I left home), which puts my pace, including a walking warm-up, bathroom/drinking fountain breaks and walking while switching tunes on the ipod at just over a 10 minute mile.  If I actually run the entire race next weekend, I might be able to push 2 hours.  We’ll see.

There’s nothing much to describe about the run today other than it was another gorgeous, crowded day in the city!  I almost never run on weekends and I was astonished at the sheer volume of people with dogs and baby strollers walking Land’s End.  The beach was full of walkers, surfers and a big Halloween party.  I had to dodge more people than usual on Crissy Field also.

I finished the run feeling strong (added a small “sprint” to the end) and am still standing several hours later.  Time for a movie and bed!

The workout:  15ish miles, plenty of water/sports drink, chocolate goo & mini luna bar


All else about today’s workout was over-ridden when we decided to stop for doughnuts on our way home.  It wasn’t at all a tough decision to make and it seemed like a good thing to do after a Saturday morning gym workout!

I didn’t want to run today but just keep my legs moving in anticipation of tomorrow’s long run.  The elliptical trainer has become my new cross training favorite since my wrist is still not feeling great and both swimming and biking are out of the question.  I enjoyed my “run in the clouds” and kept my upper body loose by resting my hands lightly on the support bars and remembering to relax my shoulders throughout my workout.  I kept my pace up by choosing music with quick tempos and keeping my stride coordinated with the music.

the workout:  30 minute elliptical trainer

HR mainly lower ZN 3, 3miles, 280 calories

core work & stretching (including new upper body stretches from my PT)

zone out

I ran this morning even thought it was the last thing I felt like doing.  Yesterday’s long afternoon of eating and drinking left me sluggish today but I needed to rid my body of a few toxins, so I laced up my running shoes and headed into the park.

I kept an easy pace and really forgot to pay attention for most of the run until I encountered a mob of miniature princesses and super heros, dressed for their school Halloween party.   At my turnaround point, I ran for a few minutes near the beach and watched the waves crash in chaotic directions, then ran back up the park home.

I arrived home too late and barely made it to work on time, but I felt awake and happy that I’d run!

the workout: 5 mile easy run

no HRM

commute run

I ran home from work again today.  I’m beginning to really like this particular run because it’s short and I can push myself.  It’s the only run I do fully on pavement, which is good practice for the marathon.  The weather was cold but not windy so I pumped up A Tribe Called Quest and made it home fast.

the workout:

3.87 mile run, 10K pace, Hayes street hill

core and stretching

double run

i felt like getting up and running yesterday but didn’t follow my instinct and was a little off all day.  i was also sad to miss my newly discovered yoga class but between not putting weight on my left hand and modifying poses for my back, i didn’t see much point.

walking was my form of exercise instead of elliptical trainer- easier on the body than running and still outside enjoying the beautiful fall day.  i walked about 3 miles, through the park & running errands.

i didn’t get up early enough to fit in my miles before i met my friend for tea this morning, so i ran before and after.  the goal of this week is to keep my mileage up throughout the week and do a slightly shorter long run sunday when i have the time.   when i awoke to sunshine i got dressed and out the door before i could change my mind.  i logged 5 strong miles through the park and at the beach, taking the steady-uphill route home.  no big deal!  my second run was at crissy field before my massage at presidio sport & medicine.  i ran end to end and enjoyed watching a photographer set up his photo shoot of wine bottle, grapes and gg bridge.  i listened to an interesting podcast about the history of san francisco’s cemeteries.

the workout: 2 runs totaling just under 9 miles, 50 min, 35 min, Ave HR 80%

the weekend

my left hand is on vacation for a few days while my wrist heals from whatever ails it and one handed typing is easier with no caps!  in addition to accupuncture, nasty tasting herbal teas and my nikken magnets/infared wraps, i’m trying to drink more water than usual to help my system flush toxins.

weekend workouts:

friday- slept really late, walked quite a bit but took it easy otherwise, body felt like it could have done more

saturday- 20 min run in the clouds (our college term for elliptical machine), didn’t push myself at all but flushed legs & remaining stiffness

sunday- 6 miles on treadmill… boring! but felt easy, flat & slight incline, speed 10 min/mile – 9 min/ mile gradually in last 20 minutes, HR ZN 3 until last 1.5 miles, 500ish calories

running to shop

I felt more prepared going into my long run this week after enjoying each of my runs since that awful long run last week.  I left the house armed with an ipod nano full of podcasts, my usual nutritional supplements, a credit card since my end goal was the annual Title Nine blowout sale at Fort Mason, and my bus pass to get home after shopping.

An old San Francisco detective story accompanied me as I ran down my less-traveled side of the park.  I enjoyed the quiet trails and different scenery than my usual route.  Once I hit the beach I realized my batteries weren’t going to hold up so I switched off the ipod, stuffed it into a pocket and enjoying the sound of the waves.  The temperature was perfect for a fall day but the humidity was making it difficult to see through my glasses and my wick-away fabric clothing is fairly useless when it comes to cleaning glasses!  I finally found a bit of pant leg that worked so that I could see again.  Shortly after the turnaround at Sloat another runner informed me that he’d seen two hawks today, so I spent the next couple of beach miles looking for the birds.  I spotted one over the cliffs as I began my climb toward Lands End and the thought distracted me for the whole of the climb.  Out of breath, I indulged in a short walk and half my chocolate cliff shot before continuing through Lands End and into Seacliff.  Just as my shoulders were beginning to get stiff, the scent of rosemary, jasmine and roses saved me, reminding me to breathe and relax.  Running Baker Beach hill was just not going to happen today so I allowed myself a short walk in the middle, looking forward to my favorite trail coming up.  I was so disappointed when I actually couldn’t find my favorite trail leading to the bridge because there was so much construction!  The Presidio continues to be a mess, with news roads and trails closed or rebuilt every day. I just don’t see how more pavement and easier access to many of these gorgeous, preserved spots is an improvement for anybody!  I made it to the bridge via pavement and roadblocks then continued down another (obnoxiously paved) trail to Crissy Field.  Here I switched on my ipod again and started a This American Life on Iraq.  I was on the home stretch, almost, and just needed to keep going.  Luckily I had the wind at my back and my body was feeling pretty good.  I ran past my destination and up and over the hill to Aquatic park then back again and looped around the Marina Green to end up at Fort Mason.   After a quick bite to eat at Greens to go, I headed in to check out the goods!

The workout:  16.5 mile run

3:11, walking as needed, Ave HR 83 %, mostly ZN 4, only dipping into 5 on hills, 3 on walks,  heart rate is dropping faster on rest periods than last week.,  1732 calories, 1st long run with new shoes

morning entertainment

I decided to swim this morning before farmers market & work. I arrived early enough to do my full workout then watched from the hot tub, amused, as chaos ensued when they began taking out lanes to make room for the water aerobics class. People were darting in and out of lanes and getting stuck between lane dividers . The final four swimmers (one pregnant woman using a kickboard, two older women and one young guy intent on finishing his sprints) crammed into the only lane left and kept running into each other because they couldn’t seem to figure out how to circle swim. What an entertaining way to start my day!

The workout: 1200 yd swim
200 yd warm up, mixed strokes
300 yd freestyle, focusing on upper body, L4
200 yd back, L6
300 yd freestyle, L7
200 yd cool down, mixed

practical run

I slept in then practiced before work today, which meant I needed to run after work.  I knew that I didn’t want to run on the treadmill and also that it would be really hard to leave my house again after I returned home to the fog after rehearsal, so I took the bus to work, brought a change of clothes, and ran home.

The first couple blocks are through the projects and not very scenic but I quickly arrived at the Bay to Breakers– famed Hayes Street Hill.  It runs three blocks up Alamo Square Park, with the famous Painted Ladies on one side.  I barely noticed the climb and was able to keep my pace to the top fairly effortlessly.  I ran down a block then took a left on Divisidero, past my favorite bar where happy house was just beginning.  The panhandle was cold and windy and smelled like marijuana.  I hit the park and pushed forward into the fog.  I opted to take the long route home in order to lengthen my run by a few minutes.   I arrived home, iced my back and did some gentle stretching.

The workout:  Run home from work

3.87 miles, 35 minutes, HR ZN 4 & 5, ave 89%, 347 calories


I biked with my husband part way to his work this morning with the intention of then biking to the beach before heading home, but my back wasn’t feeling great, so I cut it short and prepared for yoga.  I was thrilled to find that my favorite yoga teacher and dear friend has a Monday morning class at my neighborhood YMCA.  I practiced for an hour and a half under her guidance and made a few modifications to poses when necessary.  The class was very gentle but still stretched my limits, both physically and mentally.  I have been scared to return to a class, but Lorna’s beautiful, healing energy was just the thing to put me at ease.  Another hurdle in my recovery has officially been… well, hurdled!

The workout:

25 minute easy spin through the park and panhandle, engaging core to support back

1 1/2 hr. gentle hatha flow