As I sit and write this, I am thoroughly enjoying half of a bavarian creme-filled chocolate-covered doughnut.  I ate the other half on my way to the gym.  I am on sugar overload and the holidays have only just begun.  I feel a weekly wellness challenge coming on… or possibly a holiday season challenge that allows me to occasionally indulge but not spend the next month feeling ill.  Stay tuned!

Throughout the past week, I’ve been fitting in walks, bike rides and gym workouts.  I was totally unmotivated to write about anything as I was bored with it all until my bike ride yesterday.

I came home from rehearsal and although it was chilly, the sun was still out and I knew the beach would be gorgeous.  I rode for 45 minutes, took a long bath, ate a healthy meal and felt like a new person.

Today I went back to the gym again where, after half a doughnut, I had to begin with some upper body weights and core exercises.  I got through an entire Planet Money podcast while I did those then stepped onto an elliptical trainer and picked an interval program at a moderate level.  It felt great to sweat and burn some calories.  My hamstring pulled a little at first but went away quickly.

the workout:

2 sets of each- shoulder press, chest press, lat raise, dumbbell fly, knee tuck, J knee tuck, quadriped birddog w/knee on disc, foam roller leg lifts/balance

30 minutes intervals on elliptical trainer, 330 calories, 3.25 miles

lower body roll-out, planks


I just had one of the better massages of this year.  Usually I have something hurting and most of the time is spent in one area, but today I feel as though I almost got a full body massage!  My massage therapist began on my hamstring and it seems that I’m on the right track with my rehab/recovery.  I have orders to start adding regular stretching back into the regime to start loosening things up again.  Yay!  I’m mixing up my workouts again with a little running in the clouds last night and a short swim today.  I’ll hopefully fit in a nice walk or short run Thanksgiving morning.  Don’t suspect there will be much free time tomorrow between work and food prep!

the workouts:

yesterday- 30 minutes fast paced elliptical trainer, forward and backward motion, “hills” workout

today- 450 yd swim, mixed strokes, practicing back flip turns, one 50 yd sprint toward the end

slow and steady

Progress has been slow but steady in healing my hamstring.  I also haven’t had any energy to spare lately, so fewer workouts and lower intensity has been good for my overall well-being.  It is very unlikely I’ll attempt to run the entire marathon in a couple of weeks…. possibly a portion, but that is still TBD.   My brain speaks louder than my athletic desire as I review the facts:  1) I haven’t run more than 16 miles during this entire training period and I did that over a month ago.   2) Last night’s run lasted 20 minutes and I was vaguely sore afterward.  3) I’m too sensible and care too much about avoiding injury to just “try it” anyway

Enough about that- let’s focus on the good stuff  like last night’s workout:

5 min walk

4 X 4 min easy run on treadmill, RI: 1 min

5 min walk

core & roll-out

upper body strength with dumbells on stability ball, one leg off ground when possible, 2 sets 10X each:

shoulder press, lat raise,

chest press, pec fly

tricep, bicep curls

back on the road

Today I went for my first bike ride in several weeks and it felt great!  All body parts (back, wrist, leg) felt good this morning when I woke up so I decided to bike over to Sausalito for my lunch meeting.  I took it really easy on the hills and paid close attention to my form at all times.  I constantly reminded myself to have a light touch on the handle bars (protect my wrist), engage my core muscles (protect my back), and notice any extra pressure or tension in my legs and keep my pedal stroke smooth (protect my hamstring).  Verdict:  I’m back on the road!

the workout: 14 miles

spinning easily & paying attention to form…  this is also the first time I can remember ever being comfortable going around the towers on the bridge in wind with other cyclists and tourists!

stretch and core work session

getting stronger

The entire world was at Crissy Field this morning enjoying the summer weather.  After feeling really bored with swimming Saturday I decided that my leg was well enough to walk a few miles so when my friend called this morning, I excitedly met her at Crissy Field.  I wore shorts and a t-shirt, and enjoyed sweating in the sunshine.  We walked just over 3 miles and at the end I decided to try and run.  My hamstring started hurting after a few steps so I quit immediately and walked the rest of the way to my car.  I stopped in at the Y to do my roll-out and core exercises then added in a few reps of very light upper body weights.  I used only 5 lb weights and the stability ball instead of a bench to give my core a little extra work.

The workout:

3.2 mile walk

weights- 1 set of 10 each, shoulder press, lat raise- sitting on stability ball, alternating leg raise on each rep

1 set of 10 each, chest press & tricep curls- stabilizing on ball,  bicep curls

taking it easy

I’m still resting my leg- at the order of my massage therapist.  He work through the muscle, told me based on where it hurt, I did in fact pull a hamstring muscle and advised that I don’t stretch it until today or tomorrow- only roll-outs.  He said it will probably take 9-14 days to fully heal but if it totally stops hurting, I can try running for a few minutes.  At this point, it’s only hurting when I walk too fast or up stairs.  I felt it a little during my swim this morning but it’s totally fine now.  After a little gardening I’m going warm up in the shower then do some rolling out & core exercises.

It’s nice to not be spending time running this week, as it’s crunch time for getting the Albers Trio CD into production.  However, if I can’t start again next week I’ll be a little concerned about building mileage before the marathon.  I’m still 4 1/2 weeks out so I should be okay!

the workout:  900 yd swim

very easy, free & back strokes, concentrating on using more upper than lower body

the benefit of tri

At times like this I’m especially happy to have other sports to fall back on.  This season of marathon training continues to show me just how important it is to train in various disciplines.

I think I pulled my left hamstring during Sunday’s run but it is healing rapidly.  In the mean time, I’m walking as little as possible because walking hurts and after a day of rest yesterday, I was able to swim without pain today.  Exhaustion wise, my body didn’t need more recovery time and I really wanted to get out on the trails this morning but I had to listen to the leg instead plowing on and making it worse.

Miraculously after days of my wrist aching, it suddenly stopped hurting. Swimming Saturday didn’t aggravate it so I figured I could push a little harder today.  My legs got a good workout without any pounding or stress and my upper body loved moving through the water again.

The workout:  1000 yd swim

200 yds X 5, RI :10, 150 free/50 back, successively getting faster the first 4 reps then cool down on the 5th