the benefit of tri

At times like this I’m especially happy to have other sports to fall back on.  This season of marathon training continues to show me just how important it is to train in various disciplines.

I think I pulled my left hamstring during Sunday’s run but it is healing rapidly.  In the mean time, I’m walking as little as possible because walking hurts and after a day of rest yesterday, I was able to swim without pain today.  Exhaustion wise, my body didn’t need more recovery time and I really wanted to get out on the trails this morning but I had to listen to the leg instead plowing on and making it worse.

Miraculously after days of my wrist aching, it suddenly stopped hurting. Swimming Saturday didn’t aggravate it so I figured I could push a little harder today.  My legs got a good workout without any pounding or stress and my upper body loved moving through the water again.

The workout:  1000 yd swim

200 yds X 5, RI :10, 150 free/50 back, successively getting faster the first 4 reps then cool down on the 5th

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