taking it easy

I’m still resting my leg- at the order of my massage therapist.  He work through the muscle, told me based on where it hurt, I did in fact pull a hamstring muscle and advised that I don’t stretch it until today or tomorrow- only roll-outs.  He said it will probably take 9-14 days to fully heal but if it totally stops hurting, I can try running for a few minutes.  At this point, it’s only hurting when I walk too fast or up stairs.  I felt it a little during my swim this morning but it’s totally fine now.  After a little gardening I’m going warm up in the shower then do some rolling out & core exercises.

It’s nice to not be spending time running this week, as it’s crunch time for getting the Albers Trio CD into production.  However, if I can’t start again next week I’ll be a little concerned about building mileage before the marathon.  I’m still 4 1/2 weeks out so I should be okay!

the workout:  900 yd swim

very easy, free & back strokes, concentrating on using more upper than lower body


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