As I sit and write this, I am thoroughly enjoying half of a bavarian creme-filled chocolate-covered doughnut.  I ate the other half on my way to the gym.  I am on sugar overload and the holidays have only just begun.  I feel a weekly wellness challenge coming on… or possibly a holiday season challenge that allows me to occasionally indulge but not spend the next month feeling ill.  Stay tuned!

Throughout the past week, I’ve been fitting in walks, bike rides and gym workouts.  I was totally unmotivated to write about anything as I was bored with it all until my bike ride yesterday.

I came home from rehearsal and although it was chilly, the sun was still out and I knew the beach would be gorgeous.  I rode for 45 minutes, took a long bath, ate a healthy meal and felt like a new person.

Today I went back to the gym again where, after half a doughnut, I had to begin with some upper body weights and core exercises.  I got through an entire Planet Money podcast while I did those then stepped onto an elliptical trainer and picked an interval program at a moderate level.  It felt great to sweat and burn some calories.  My hamstring pulled a little at first but went away quickly.

the workout:

2 sets of each- shoulder press, chest press, lat raise, dumbbell fly, knee tuck, J knee tuck, quadriped birddog w/knee on disc, foam roller leg lifts/balance

30 minutes intervals on elliptical trainer, 330 calories, 3.25 miles

lower body roll-out, planks


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