winter solstice

This morning’s paddle was dark, dark, dark!  We actually had to return to the canal before heading into the ocean because it was too dark to go any further.  It is the shortest day of the year and the sky was cloudy, but still it seemed strange that the lighting should be so different from usual!  It felt a little creepy to me as we headed into the darkness, out to sea and the swells seemed to be coming from deep in the ocean as we rocked back and forth.  The canoe was full, with seven of us, so the steersman had to sit on the edge of the boat instead of on a seat.  I’m glad I was not that person!

I had my first opportunity to practice the Vibrational ABC’s and I deliberately passed on it, then went on to gossip about the person to my sister and mom after we finished.  The woman sitting behind me was unpleasant and began saying nasty things midway through.  She had already told me I was off (uncoordinated with the other paddlers), which I’m reasonably sure I wasn’t, so when she started badmouthing people, I talked back instead of keeping my mouth shut and putting my Weekly Wellness Challenge to work.  I even reverted to junior high behavior, trying to deliberately splash her on my stroke recovery (soaking myself with canal water instead- gross!) and letting branches flap back in her face instead of holding them as the person in front had done for me.  Hmmm….  I guess my ABC’s need some work!

Later in the morning, my sister and I needed to do more b-day party research but realized after we’d made an appointment that we neither had two bikes to get there nor did I have running shoes, so we pulled out the old fold-up bike which had begun rusting into its folded position.  After much aggravation and some WD-40 we managed to restore the handlebar stem to an upright position and clicked everything into place.  The ride was hot and we breathed in dirty air every time a tour bus puffed past.  All unpleasantness aside, I still enjoy biking around here!

This afternoon we went to the beach right after I ate too much for lunch, so instead of swimming with the others, I sprawled out under the umbrella for a while then joined them in treading water for a few minutes.  Ahhh…

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