wrapping up winter vacation

Looks like the holidays, family time and traveling got the most of me!  The workouts continued, sort of, but there was no extra time to write about anything.  The biggest adventures included the following:

On Christmas morning 12 people showed up to paddle so we filled up two boats and went out before dawn.  As we neared the usual turn-around point someone suggested that we go out to the buoy with the Diamondhead view.  The water remained calm enough that we were able to paddle out several miles from shore.  What a glorious way to begin the morning!

December 26th dawned with rain, wind and gloomy skies.  We decided to run anyway and met my sister in the rain at Ala Moana park.  We had very little time before the family brunch so my husband opted to run the entire time and the other two of us decided a swim would be more fun.  JA was in front of me and suddenly she stood up, looked scared and informed me she’d been stung.  We got out of the water and were discussing what to do (we knew it wasn’t a jellyfish but didn’t know what it was) when a man walked up to us and showed that he’d also been stung by a Portuguese man-o-war .  The stinger had wrapped itself around his leg and back but the guys was smiling and informed us there was nothing to be done.  He told JA that she’d feel weird for about 1/2 hour and to rinse it with warm water to open the pores and get the venom out.  I took her back to the hotel and put her in the shower as my husband sprinted to Mom’s house to pick up the car.  The warm water helped ease the sting and we actually found a slimy piece of it in her hair later.  The bumps were basically gone by the next morning.  Next time there’s a Kona wind and debris on the surface of the water, we’ll stay out!

Our final morning (which turned out not to be our final morning) was windy with tumultuous seas.  Our family took a catamaran sail to snorkel with sea turtles and enjoy the water.  By the time I’d been on the boat 5 minutes I was feeling seasick and on the way back in, I felt more miserable than I’ve felt in a long time.  I (and another few kids) spent the sail back puking over the railing.  I was never more happy to have my feet on solid ground!

Our flight was cancelled then we spent two more days getting from HNL to EWR.  Over the next few days I still felt a little out of whack from the seasickness, noticing it mostly in the car, when hearing certain types of  music and if I looked too long at a computer screen.  On Thursday morning, after too much travel and feeling exhausted, I decided to accompany my mother-in-law to her gym.  I was doubtful it would help me feel better but had to try.  Her gym has a cool new elliptical trainer that simulates a rollerblading motion.  I was interested and tried it for 12 minutes but had to step off because I was feeling seasick again!    I spent the afternoon in bed, sick through the evening.  Who knows if the seasickness actually came back or if it was just a 24 hour bug.

New Year’s eve day was the first day I felt sort of human again.  I took it really easy all day in anticipation for the night.  We had tickets for a five course meal (which sounded horrible to me at the time) and a night of salsa dancing at SOBS.  I wasn’t about to miss the biggest NYE we’d ever planned!  Our group wasn’t a big dancing crowd but everyone tried and had a great time.  I attempted to lead and dance with the other girls but I’m much better at following and don’t have the salsa skills I need to lead.  Oh well.  One of the girls was so excited about salsa dancing that she’s already gone out and taken a class at home!  Can’t wait until we meet up in the same city again and go dancing!

The next few days I was afraid of too much movement so I stuck to walking around NYC.  This suited me perfectly and by the time I flew home, I was feeling well rested and ready to try another workout!


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