elliptical studying

Today was gorgeous and warm again but I wanted a quick, low impact work-out and also needed to study my Mozart recording, so I opted for running in the clouds at the Y.  I put the program to cross training and prepared to “run” up and down two hills, forward and backward.  My intention was to keep it light but I found that I wanted to move quickly and was enjoying the music as I ran.  I tried to listen with a critical ear to my trio’s recording of the Mozart divertimento, (that will soon come out on our debut CD!) so that next time I perform it, I will have more ideas.  I kept getting caught up in changing my direction from forward to backward per the machine’s instructions and reminded myself to move quickly so I would still have the same mileage as a real run.  My heart rate settled into a steady high ZN 3, perfect for light aerobic work but as I continued, my heart rate crept up and I was nearing 80%.  I always find it harder to balance on the machine as I run backward but it felt better on my back when I made a point of not relying too much on the handlebars and focusing on my core.  You can get way more out of these machines if you use the handlebars simply for occasional balance, not as a crutch.  I never get why people waste their time draped over a machine, reading a book, gasping for air but not paying any attention to what they’re actually doing!  It’s way more fun to be present and appreciate the workout.  I raced my Mozart to the end but it won (the divertimento is a long piece!), then I immediately switched to some Hadag Nahash for my core work.

the workout:

30 minutes elliptical “running in the clouds”, level 1 but fast-paced, just over 3 miles, almost 300 calories

core exercises, focusing on bridging, lunges and functional reaches to concentrate on hamstring strength and core mobility in every-day activities


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