spirituals & hebrew

I’m specializing in multi-tasking this week.  I set my alarm early so I’d have time for a short run in the park before my rehearsal.  I love days like today, when the sun is warm but the air is still a little crisp.  It almost feels more like fall than spring, except everything is already in bloom!  The park was swarming with dog walkers, cyclist commuting to work, weighed down with laptops and supplies, and runners, avoiding the yappy little dogs and meditative walkers.

I entered the park near the rose garden, but I was so focused on my music I forgot to notice if there were any roses or if the bushes were fully trimmed in preparation for summer blooming.  My initial soundtrack of the day was the spirituals I would soon be rehearsing for our upcoming Gold Coast concerts.   I switched to a Hebrew podcast as I neared Stow Lake and repeated today’s vocabulary back to voices in my headphones.  The short hill up to the running path around the lake left me winded and I slowed my pace slightly to bring my heart rate back down.  Basically, I zoned out for the rest of the run, checking in with my HRM now and then, and smiling, thrilled to be out in the sunshine.  Once out of the park, I walked it home from the top of my hill and did some toe/heel walks to stretch and strengthen calves and shins.  I did a few quick stretches in the shower then grabbed a bite to eat and poured Electro Mix into my water bottle as I ran to catch the bus.

the workout:

5 min walking warm up

25 min run, easy but constant pace, ave HR 80% (although my monitor says I went up to 210% last week, which technically means I’d be dead, so I guess I need to refigure my max HR!)

5 min walking cool down, toe heel walks


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