off and running…

I awoke before my alarm this morning and took advantage of my bonus time by going for a short run in the park.  As I hurried outside, I realized that my hair was still a straggly mess and I’d left my rubber band somewhere.  I ran back inside for another then took off.  In my scramble to get dressed in the dark, I’d grabbed socks that were too big and they chafed at my heals as I began my walking warm up, but luckily I forgot about them shortly.  I stopped by my friend’s house but she was enjoying one of her infrequent sleep-past-7 mornings so I continued on by myself.  The park was bursting with pink and white blooms and comparatively, the poor roses looked gothic and lonely, all cut back to stalks, black and colorless.  Joggers had taken over the park and one dad biked by, followed by his swarm of brightly clad children on little bikes.

I did a short loop, keeping mostly to the trails and noticed that my hamstring pulled only going downhill.  Only one runner looked up and smiled back at me and when I actually said,”good morning”, another woman glanced around first to be sure I was speaking to her (nobody else on the street) before responding.  On my walk back home, I appreciated the red outline of the GG bridge in the distance and the layered hills of the gorgeous, green headlands.

I rushed into the bathroom and was met by the lingering stench of nail polish remover.  I scrubbed down the tub, where I’d been balancing my foot for yesterday’s lengthy old-pedicure excavation and noticed my missing rubber band- wrapped safely around my wrist.

I’m off and running…

the workout:

5 minute warm up

20 minute easy jog, varied hills

5 minute cool down

ad-hoc roll out while writing this

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